Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Total Fascination


It has been a while hasn't it? I dont think I've had this kind of time gap with my blog ever...or at least not in a while.

Anyway, since my last post I have been in a whirlwind with my vacation to LA, and then returning back home and working on moving into my new place. Then of course school starts officially for me tomorrow, bright and early at 8 am. Id be lying if I said I was ready... Also part of the reason why I didn't blog sooner is because the wi fi at my new place SUCKS so bad, I mean pretty much anything with a log in page is off limits. Except facebook. Go figure.

So yeah, as I said before my time is limited. I will be in class in...apporimetly 11 hours. Which means based on my recent sleeping schedule I should be in bed right now. Umm but you know. Im dreading the homework and all that shizzy. It seems like this kid has a good idea as to how to get out of school work:


Anyway, here's a summary or rather the highlights of recent times,

-My vacation to LA!!!! I'm kind of dumb and hardly took any pictures. Actually like zero. So you'll have to believe me when I tell you that I had an awesome time.

-I got to see my buddy JENNA!!!!
She's pretty much my wife. Just sayin.

Which reminds me of a kind of related story. So my mom seems to get a little weird whenver I call Jenna my wife. And a few summers ago, I made this collage in my bedroom using pictures from old fashion magazines I had laying around like Vogue or Elle or whatever. So I had this corner of my bedroom completely full of magazine spreads, ads, etc that I liked. My mom asks me "Why are there only pictures of girls?" The real answer would have been that there were only girls because they were WOMEN'S FASHION magazines. Also, they weren't ALL women, I threw some hot guys in there too. But I just answered "Because Im a lesbian." My dad thought my joke was funny, my mom didn't.

Anyway, moving on....

-in LA I went clubbin for this first time, I'll just show you these two pictures to tell you how that went:


-Along those same lines, Jenna asked me the night we went clubbing if I wanted to 'touch her penis'. I didnt know she had a penis. Then she asked me to 'bump penises' with her. So apparently I have one too. I did not know this. The nature of our relationship has changed completely, needless to say.

-Plenty, plenty TONS of witch core/drag music. Pretty much diggin it.

Ok, so I could post SO MUCH MORE of witchcore/drag music, but I dont want to bore you. So if you're interested just look those same artists up on youtube or whatever.

-ALONG THOSE SAME LINES, another highlight of recent times is my new <3

Its pretty cosmic, that's all I'll permit myself to say on here about that. ^_^

-Uhhh what else...

-Oh yeah! Lots of new vinyls! The xx (finally), LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Sleigh Bells and Best Coast, Collecting those is so addicting. Which by the way, if you havent given the new Arcade Fire album "The Suburbs" a listen yet, its definetly worth your time.

Uhhh I hate this long time no posts...posts because I never know what to talk about. I feel like this one was a little bit lame. Hopefully the internet will improve and I'll be able to post with more frequency!! If not then I'll be spending more time in the library. Oh well.

SSU here I come...