Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

(No) Summer 4 U

Summer memories


Summer is here, graduation is over, life is about to change forever.

Anyway, I've mostly just been chillin but it doesn't really feel like it. Im currently trying to move out to San Francisco and that seems to be on my mind constantly. But it will happen, I just have to keep workin'at it. Something will come through, it has to.

So here's a recap:

1. Graduation. IT RAINED THE WHOLE CEREMONY. However as angry as we all were about that, in the end I look back on it as something to remember. After the ceremony all of us felt a new special bond, it was like we had been through war together, in the trenches, in a downpour. Oh good times.

2. My party. Super groovy. There was lots of good people, lots of good food, and lots of good drank. Jenna and I attempted to go tobagonning down my parent's staircase on a cardboard box. It didn't work. In the end I just had carpet burn on my butt. Which reminds me, if you ever go tobaggoning down a carpeted stair case, don't wear a skirt.

3. Sleigh Bells/ Neon Indian concert with Cosmo. SO FUCKING RAD. Basically Alan Palomo is an electric wizard, and Alexis Krauss IS SOOOO SEXY. Like sexy as in I want to be her. She's soooo baller. Anyway, the two bands played two nights in a row at the Independent. This is someone's video from the second night (we were at the first) but that same energy is there. Oh yeah, and she's wearing that baller SLAY BELLS jersey.

Oh yeah, I also got a rad black and yellow shirt that says Slay Fucking Bells. Yee.

4. Moved back home for a bit till I leave for the city. Yeah. That's all I have to say about that.

So yeah, thats where I am right now. Looking for housing, exploring, Caitlin things.

LEMME SHOW YOU MY DIANA PIX. This is actually the third roll of film I developed and the best so far. Don't judge my hipster cam.

Me. And some flowers

My grandparent's field

My sexy man.

Cosmo at ocean beach

Me in my grandparent's tree

Uncle Sean's rose bush



Just some clouds. I remember when I took this. It was a happy day.

Over at the panhandle, making our way to the beach, but stoping at a garage sale.

A view from a hotel. In SF for my CIIS inverview, quite an eventful day.

This is my favorite. Ghost bridge.


Ciao babies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fruits of My Efforts

I want to start this post by saying that this song makes me feel moist and gooey in the most wonderful way.

CREEP feat. Nina Sky- "You"

ahhh so smooth. It's like the seductive side of drag/witch house.

Anyhoo. I've been so very busy lately. It seems like all of my classes this semester decided to have all the final projects due like two weeks before actual finals week, so I'm in smooth sailing mode as of now. I managed to complete a 17 page case study paper, a group presentation and my second body portrait.

Yes, it is like the one I did last year, except different. I feel I have come into a different being since last year. And when the opportunity came up in the art therapy class that I TA for the body portrait, I knew I was ready to embark on that creative journey again.

Here's basically what I started with:

And what I ended with:

close up of the top

Mid section. I made that little heart in the middle of the box completely from scratch with paper mache, no mold or anything. Super proud.

Lower half. Flowers and the vine made out of tissue paper that I messed around with.

Im sooo happy with how it turned out. Actually the night before I had to turn it in, I seriously considered emailing my teacher and telling her I wasn't able to do it because I thought I hated the end result. But in the morning when I woke up, I saw her in the reflection of my mirror, and realized that she was exactly what I needed her to be, and that I loved her. Oh yeah, she's called Athena Madonna.

As always, good art requires good music. Art always makes me lose my mind a little bit, so Im glad I found Gang Gang Dance when I did.

If that video is a bit too much to handle, at least go to the 3:22 part where they go straight from Indian pop inspired music into full on crunk. One of the comments on the youtube video says that this song sounds like if Daddy Yankee did the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, and I feel that's pretty accurate. Its pretty legit. I love how spellcheck on here says that crunk isn't a real word.

Also, someone else on youtube commented that if someone listens to this song while having sex they will turn into a dragon. I don't know, I just wanted to pay homage to that.

I also started to listen to James Blake recently. He's like the soul man of dub step. If you can't wrap your mind around that (because dub step has no soul *coughguiltypleasureofminecough*) just watch the damn video.

Ahhhh that voice makes me shake.

Also, Im incredibly moody, so I needed some moody music to go with my creating. Joy Division, New Dawn Fades. Need I say more? This song shakes me to my core. This is what excellent song writing comes down to.

Anyway, life is good. Graduation is only about a week and a half away AND MY BFF/WIFE FROM SO CAL JENNA IS COMING TO VISIT!!

ohhhh life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



So cute....its almost too much to handle....

Anyway, its spring break time and I'm pretty happy for that. More so about having a whole week away from Copy Asylum.

In times of craziness lately I've been listening to this lovely song by Wild Beasts

Last week some Tibetan monks came and spent a week in the SSU Library and created a wonderful sand mandala. I wasn't able to get any photos of them actually working on it, but here are some pix I took of the the finished product:



On Thursday after working on each tiny detail (remeber people, its made comepltely out of colored sand), they took the whole mandala to a water way and dissolved it. Parallel to life isn't it? We spend so much time working on every detail yet in the end....its all dissolved.

In other news, I don't remember if I posted this on here or not but I got admitted into CIIS, my grad school of choice! Looks like I'll be moving to San Franny some time this summer. If anyone knows of anyone or needs a room mate living in the city let me knowwwww.

Also, I came across this artist named Mike Stilkey who's trademark is to paint on the spines of books. I dig his style quite a bit.









Ahhh so cool! Im again embarking on making another life size body portrait like I did last year. Unfortunatley its due the same day as my case paper for abnormal psychology so we'll see how I fare with that.

Also, I just really want to share this gem with all of you.

On that note, I bid thee farewell.


Thursday, March 31, 2011


So yeah I've been MIA for quite some time. To make a long story short, the end of February and most of March has been one big shit fest. Ranging from admin. and records at SSU trying to screw with my graduation, personal/family issues and a massive mandala project that I turned in and presented this last Tuesday.

But alas, amidst all the stress I have made it out alive. And although parts of it were really low and painful, some beautiful things blossomed. That being said, I really want to share with everyone my mandala project.

Honey Bees/Transition
honey bees

Garden of Eden
garden of eden

Cosmic Universe

Virgin Mary
virgin mary

Dream Owl

An Altered Consciousness


Black Hole
black hole


Spiritual Unison
star of david

Im really proud of what I was able to accomplish with those :) They all mean something different to me, and there are some aspects to them that I do not yet understand. Some day!

So a while back I also said that I would post some of my recent art workings, but turns out my scanner wants to be a pooper and not connect to my computer!! So here's a few more things:


sun and egg

spirit animal

The next four represent the four alchemical states of transformation highlighted by one color for each stage.

death black

female white

(my faaaaav)
enlightenment gold

veseca picis

So yeah, all that is Caitlin and what she does.

So what else is new? Dunno, lots of musics.

Lykke Li is so damn hot. I wish a was as ballsy as she is. Her latest album "Wounded Rhymes" is fabulous.

Umm does her outfit come adorned with little claws on her woman parts? FIERCE!!!!

DFA 1979 is back together! I forgot how amazingly loud they are. This takes me waaaay back. Here's a video of their recent reunion show at SXSW because lame ass youtube as disabled embedding on the official video which you can still find here:

I know Im kind of late on catchin on to Fever Ray, but Cosmo introduced me to these tunes and I've been obsessivley listening to her ever since.

This song makes me feel gross everywhere, sort of like Im covered in my own puke. But I like it! Its like a trip through a funky junk yard!


Say what you want about his moves, he's still more boss than you'll ever be. Oh yeah and he's wearing an awesome hat.

Anyway. Thats been my life for the past month or so. I've been sort of under the radar on some respects, on the fringe. At times I felt my existence to be a bit like this:

But as I expressed in my Garden of Eden mandala, sometimes stuff happens thats beyond control. And in times like those sometimes paradise has to be lost in order for it to be found again. To everyone who knows whats been going on and who helped me through my rough patch, thank you.

xoxo Caitlin

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Taze Me, Bro

So within the past two days I have heard too many weird and random things in the news to not talk about it. Its been like a plethera of awesome.

Okay, first off, last night my co worker and I were talking about camel racing in Dubai. Why were we talking about camel racing in Dubai, you ask? Because sometimes our job is so slow and boring in the evenings, things like camel racing in Dubai come up. More specifically, there have been some blurbs in the news lately involving the ethics around the popular sport in the Arabian Gulf.


So as you might notice, the jockey isn't a real person, rather a robot. This is because some years ago children used to be the camel jockeys. However, wide spread allegations of child abuse caused the sport to switch over to robotic jockeys.

Or they could have just stopped abusing the kids. I don't know thats just my two cents.

I mean, here in the states we have real jockeys for our most famous horses and we do just fine. Seabiscuit? Secretariat? You get my drift here?


These robots are controled on the side lines by adults. The robots have the ability to pull on the reins, can use a motorized whip, and can kick the camel. They also have a walkie talkie attached to them so that the guys on the sidelines can yell orders at the camels.

But it gets better(worse). Police were tipped off to two men who apparently had enabled the robotic jockeys to be able to taze the camels to make them go faster. NOT COOL ARAB CAMEL ABUSERS, NOT COOL.

You can't make this shit up.

So second random news story,

apparenly off the coast of Miami, Florida a grand piano appeared on one of the sandbars. No one knows how it got there, or who left it there. The piano itself is too big for someone to have just taken a personal boat out there to abandon it. Environmental officlas say it is not their job to remove the piano, as it poses no threat to the natural life around it.


Thats a really lame picture and I was hoping for a better one but I think this story is kinda cool. Reminds me of that awesome movie "The Piano". Here is a clip as well as the amazingly beautiful theme song from the film

If you havent seen this movie yet, get to it.

In other unrelated things....

I was browsing the web circut and found this awesome collection of photos from the 1960's. The photos were taken at a popular night club in Cape Town, South Africa by a bouncer. Who says people your parent's age dont know how to party????














Not so different from now a days huh?

We can learn two things from these pictures. One, people of our parent's generations aren't as lame as we tend to think they are. Second, when people of prior generations get on us kids about how immoral and sexually rampant we are, LOOK TO YOUR OWN SINS GRANDMA!