Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Cool, Thats How I Like My Sandwich Spread, Cool

Finally! An official music video from these guys!

(I totally stole this from someone's Vimeo account, but thats okay!!)

Sleigh Bells "Infinity Guitars" from Phil Pinto on Vimeo.

They're so badass. Especially the chick, Alexis Krauss. It makes her even cooler that we have similar hair dos. But yeah, this video is pretty much exactly what I envisioned it would be like. So coooool *fangirl*

Oh, here are some cool pictures I've found recently around the internetz






Those are all album covers. Damn, oOoOO and Salem have some cool album art. If Im not mistaken, both of them have albums coming out next week. Can't. Wait. The last album cover is from another favorite of mine, Zola Jesus. She's so cool!

So on a rather unrelated note, while at work the other day, I was browsing through Urban Outfitter's website. And while I normally enjoy shopping at Urban Outfitters, I saw this and I just did not understand. What the hell is it?


Whats your name again? Granny McBoringson? I dont understand why someone would wear this, I mean unless they're someone's third wife or something (LOL). I think that secretly my parents wish I'd dress like this so that I wouldn't attract the male species. Too bad. Been there done that, ITS TOO LATE!

Hahahaha I had to try really hard to not make any Mormon/extreme Christian jokes there. Oh come on now, you know I don't have anything against third wives!

Also while on one of my streaks of boredom at work, I stumbled upon a rather interesting article on Yahoo called "How the Term 'Hipster' Lost its Swing". Its all about how marketing lately has aimed toward the more hip crowd in recent times. Yet the word 'hipster' has become a no-no because it has become one associate with more negative qualities. I actually agree, have you seen those stupid Miracle Whip commercials?

Wow, I have never felt before that I could relate so much to a jar of mayonaise. Looks like a few of those film shots were taken straight out of a San Francisco photography student with a love of Holga photography's portfolio. Also, did you see how hip that girl was at the end holding that jar of Miracle Whip? I wanna be just like her.

Here's the article for further interest:

Miracle Whip is nasty shit by the way. Fuck you and your 'own unique individual blend of spices'. Thats what Im supposed to say to describe myself, ME damn it!!!

Hah, man I can't get over that.

On a completely unrelated note, the other day on my drive to school, I attempted to sing Hyperballad by Bjork. I should not do that.

Seriously, it was all kinds of bad. I hope no one in the cars around me could hear my cat like yowling. The lesson learned is that no one can do it like Bjork without sounding like they have throat cancer. But I have to say favorite part of this video is when that guy goes all crazy intense on that snare drum in the last few seconds of the song. hahahahaha

By the way...

I know this video is a few weeks old already but I just got around to watching it and...What the hell, Nick Cave??

The only way you could be an old man and get away with a video like this as well as a song like "No Pussy Blues" is if you're Nick Cave. Seriously though, what the hell is this video? WHY? And um, random 'sumbliminal' giant erection shot? Yeahh...But you know what? You keep kickin' ass Nick Cave! Honestly Im quite fond of that song. Imma look into some Grinderman.

Anyway, Im getting hungry so I think I need to go find some noms. Cuz Im a com-nom-nomunist.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Shoe Dilemma

Don't you just hate it when panda people crash your parties and just fuck with you for kicks?

They can be real bastards....


Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy their Labor Day weekend. Mine was actually pretty nice considering the fact that I had no days off from work and did 5 days in a row!! No but seriously, my weekend was in part very nice. One of the upsides to doing all those shifts is that next weekend I get Friday and Saturday off! Maybe I could arrange for that to be my schedule from here on out, but Im skeptical.


Anyway, so yesterday after work (the last of my 5 day stint)I rewarded myself by going to Target. Yes, that is my idea of a reward and its ok because Target is THE SHIT.

So last time I went to Target I saw these shoes and I thought 'Hey man,those are pretty cool.' Id been wanting a pair of Oxfords for some time and the price that I got them at wasnt too bad. But now that I have them Im not so sure I should have gotten them. I mean I like them and they're pretty good quality but I just dont know if I really have anything to wear them with...

I plan on having a new look for fall that involves some darker color tones and these would work with my mod-meets-goth look but I find I just dont know how to wear them


I think they look cool with skinny jeans. Maybe when it comes to shoes Im just not used to something that looks so structured. Most of my shoes are just plain little flats.

For those of you interested in my mom's commentary on my whole shoe dilemma, she says that they look like Wicked Witch of the West shoes. I agree but its AWESOME!

Still though, what good will they do me if I dont know/don't have anything to wear them with? Any suggestions? Or should I get my money back? Help is appreciated.

I love Zola Jesus. She has an amazing voice. I think this video is lovely too, a sort of throw back to Poltergeist.

In more recent days I find myself enchanted with Bjork again. She is fabulous.

Haha, she's so weird. I love it.

Anyway thats all for today.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ruffle These Feathers

So basically I'm at the Starbucks across the street from my apartment complex because my internet blows so hard I need to go places with free wifi to get any buisness done. So I figured while I was here I'd do a quick post.

Anyway, I've come back to some of my crativity lately,mostly just junk that has been in my mind, that I finally put on paper. More recently its been all about geometric shapes. Here's the two I have to start. Oh be warned, I don't think I really wanted them to turn out good, they just had to be done. So if you think they suck, they probably do. I call the series 'Depressed Geometry".



Believe it or not, they do have meaning. They say something. For me anyway. Stupid exposure crappyness. Cosmo is taking the one of the single cube. One day when Im famous and the SFMOMA is featuring my collection, he'll have something thats worth millions. Im going to make more like those, maybe experiment with some pyramids.

Anyhoo, since I feel awkward just sitting here at Starbucks, I'm going to leave you all with two songs, both of which have amazing videos.

I think this one is so beautiful.

Oh yeah, and on a kind of related note, I finally got a sound system for my turntable. I've been enjoying it a lot.

Anyway, I guess I'll go home now. More from me within this next week.