Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shenanigans from LAst Week

So this is what I came back to
I know what you're thinking. 'oh well duh you didnt water it for 6 weeks so of course they died!' um NO, Ive gone longer without watering my dear little house plants, they wilted because they missed me so bad over break.

So here are my pix that Jenna and I took

Legit art in Venice Beach

Look, we found a grizzly bear!

Im pretty sure this was a...beaver?

Van Gogh in Venice


Jenna and I found a new friend!


Look who's hiding!

A candid shot of Jenna buying 'hugging' salt n pepper shakers.

Asian tourist pose

Jenna myspacing it up in the parking garage

Angry face!!!

Why are we in a parking garage again?

Jenna and I on our way to a craft convention in Aneheim

at a craft table!

Don't look now, but there's a giant bird behind you

The trip...insanity forms out of boredom

French faaaaangs

Although Jenna made Jo eat outside the car, he still managed to spill thousand island sauce inside the car. It fell into the car. Take that, gravity!

It was good times, Im sad its over :(

Well, spring semester officially starts tomorrow. I Dont start my classes till Tuesday though. *sigh* lets hope for a good semester!


I Must Be Emo

Wow ooooold school. That brought back many memories of high school.

Well, this is depressing.

Im back from LA, in the dorms at SSU. Sooooo depressed. I want like, 5 more weeks off.

Whats even more depressing is that I left my usb cord for my camera at home so I cant upload my pictures from the trip yet. I can't even show you a picture of my two house plants that wilted over break. Poor babies, Im nursing them back to health.

But do not be afraid, I will have the usb thingy later so I can upload the photos of all my Los Angeles shenanigans.

Until then, or until I get out of this cloud of SSU depression (or is that just a cloud of Sonoma aroma?), enjoy this video. If you're eating something right now, or you just finished eating, I suggest you wait a while.


This was the most pointless post ever.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Greetings From Los Angeles (finally)!

Hello and welcome to my first ever post from LA!

God, for a while I wasn't even sure if Id make it here. On thursday I was supposed to fly out at 11:55 AM, and then my flight got cancelled. As angry as that made me, it was only the beginning of my problems. I found out that since I had booked with Orbitz, once my flight was cancelled they would automatically book me for a later flight. Unfortunetly, that flight wasn't till 6:45. So in desperation I waitlisted every flight until then with no avail. With the horrendous weather conditions, almost every single flight down to southern California was being cancelled. I was stuck at SFO for hours and hours. I felt like Tom Hanks in that movie 'Terminal', did anyone see that?

I kept tabs with Jenna, my parents and my brother to keep me from getting too bored. My dad asked if any creepers had come to bother me yet. But people left me alone. This was probably because for the most part while I was at the airport I was sitting off by myself with my hood over my head with tears in my eyes. Jenna suggested I make a fort out of the airport seats, or to pretend like I was a CIA agent. While that all sounded fun, I came to the comclusion that people might report me on 'suspicious behavior' and throw me out of the airport. So I decided to just sit and remain calm eating my 6 dollar stale airport bagel.

FINALLY my 6:45 flight came around and we borded! THEN we were stuck sitting on the plane for a good hour and a half because something was wrong with the water pressure. WHY? But once we were in the air, things were alright despite the constant turbulence and flying through a thunder cloud.


^ Thats how I felt...

Anyway, the good thing is that Im here now and very very happy! Jenna and I have been having a dandy ol' time together. Plus Ive found that once Im out of my environment and get a change of scenery I am very happy with things and content with myself. Maybe thats a sign that I just need to push things through at SSU and get it over with so I can get a breath of fresh air!

Anyway, to make this not a text only blog (because those are LAME!) here's a song I downloaded not too long ago by a band called 'The Knife'. I like it because its very different than anything Ive ever heard, really. Its 11 minutes long, has some opera bits, and was inspired by Charles Darwin. What does that all mean? Epic, thats what.

"Colouring of Pigeons" by The Knife

That song kept me pretty calm through the flight!

You know, after paying Target a few visits recently, I have become aware that Valentines Day is coming up. How could I ignore the fact when theres pink, red and purple everywhere? I think thats a holiday that should be cancelled. I dont know, Im just saying.

haha just kidding of course, Im not that emo about being single during Valentines Day. Well, I guess you'll find out. Depends on if I kill some people on February 14th or not.

Just kidding again!


OR AM I??????


ps, might not post that much while Im here in LA, Im a very busy girl!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Watching The Planets

Hello darling blog babies.

I took a short vacation from the internetz and this blog to travel to the central valley area with my mom. I went to go visit my Aunty Linda, she had her last chemotherapy session this week, and despite all she's been through I think she's doing fantastic. Please keep her in your throughts and prayers!

I also got some time in Fresno to go thrifting. Some people are such snobs about buying second hand, but I have found some really fantastic things, like these boots:
Those are genuine Capezio boots, and for those of you who dont know, Capezios usually go for 150 dollars or more, and I got these puppies for 10 dollars! I had never seen a grey pair before, and plus they're practically brand new, not even the bottoms were scuffed. All I need to do is shine them up and they'll be ready to go!

God, my mom severely burned some toast this morning and now the whole house smells like burned toast. In fact I think I even smell like burned toast. I know I have this whole philosphy that maybe men would be more attacted to me if I smelled like a steak or something, but burned toast? Come on, no one likes burned food.

So anywayz, I know this isn't a music blog, but given that music is a huge part of my life I gotta talk about it sometimes. Recently I downloaded the album 'Embryonic' by The Flaming Lips and was quite taken by it. I had heard good things about the Flaming Lips for a long time but for some reason never bothered to check them out.

Here's the video for their song 'Watching the Planets'. Its very strange and very NSFW since there's tons of nakedness going on. (NOTE: Theres a weird ad about not doing coke before the video actually starts, but bear with me.)

Even the front man Wayne Coyne gets naked. Which I dont really mind because he's on my sexy older men list along with Daniel Day-Lewis and the likes.

And just for the hell of it, heres another video from the Embyonic album called 'I can Be a Frog', which features the always awesome Karen O contributing animal sounds for the track. The video is pretty simple, and aint no naked people on bicycles army, but its a good way to spend a few minutes of your time on a Saturday.

Tonight Im going to my favorite movie theater in the world, The Rialto, to go see 'The Lovely Bones', and Im pretty excited. Hope it doesnt let me down like 'Nine' did :( Dont worry DDL, I still love you.

Also, I dont think I can finish this post without saying something about the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti. If you're looking to donate, a quick and easy way to do it is to text the word 'Haiti' to 90999. Its a legit $10 donation to the Red Cross that is added to your phone bill. Do it, they need all the help they can get!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Owls in the Navy

Yet some more down time amidst the winter break. I had a nice visit with my cousin and my aunty.

On Friday we went to San Franny and froze our asses off around Fisherman's Warf. It was good times though, walked around a bit, went into some art museums, had hot coco and ate these huge amazing cookies. I wanted to go see the Maurice Sendak exhibition over at the Jewish Contemporary Museum, but NO ONE ELSE wanted to. But none the less, it was fun times. Here are the high lights of the trip:
-mmm, cookies the size of scones at Ghirardelli Square.

-me acting like I was going to kick Sean in the crotch, but my pretend turned into a not so pretend when my shoe went flying off into his crotch.

-Auntie Lou giving her best impersonation of how a penguin with cerebral palsy walks...oh wait, thats just how she walks normally.

-My mom accusing my cousin Sean of looking at the Hooter's girls. Those of you who know Sean will know why that is particularly funny.

-My awesome new hat I bought

God I look like crap today. Oh well, I had to take all the ornaments off the tree today, and I got attacked by every ornament hook on the whole effing tree. But whatever, I have a cool owl hat right?


But other than that, life has been pretty relaxed. Yesterday I went to church with my parents and I made the realization that my mom is capable of making a totally appropriate (or HOLY for that matter) situation or conversation, into an inappropriate one. After taking communion, I noted that the priest had given me a particularly large and odd shape of communion bread. It was rather cumbersome to get it into my mouth (thats what she said). I noted to my mom "I could hardly fit it all in my mouth at once," yet another 'thats what she said' moment. But my mom one upped me by saying 'HIM in your mouth.'Now, I know the 'him' reference was implying that communion bread is representative of the body of Christ and what not, but god, really mom? It made me think about the time I had some dental work done and the whole right side of my mouth and my entire tongue were numb, and slurred over the phone to my mom 'yeah I could hardly feel his equipment in my mouth."


Alright enough of that.

A friend of mine showed me this video the other day, I think this girl is hilarious!

She has many more videos like that, she does whore make up, ganguro make up, kate gosselin make up, hell she even does Avatar makeup. Check out her other vids, you wont be disappointed!

Anyway, in other Im so fucking cool news, Animal Collective has a new video out for their song Brother Sport. So Im going to stop talking now because you need to watch it, its Animal Collective for christ's sake!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poke Your Face



So my cousin Seaniqua (Sean) is here. We're uppin the power bill here in my family's computer room by watching TV, and both using lap tops AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about family bonding time.

So I came across this video shortly after New Year's. Its a video of my FAVORITE(not) pop singer Lady Gaga. For those of you who dont want to waste your time, fast forward to around the 1:00 point.

Apparently a fan got a little too enthusiastic and chucked the flowers at her head. If I was there I woulda thrown them a tad bit harder. Just a tad. Then if security tried to screw with me Id be like HEY I WAS JUST TRYING TO GIVE HER SOME FLOWERS.

I love how when you google 'Lady Gaga', a good amount of pictures that come up are either zoom in of her crotch or her striking some raunchy dance move with her legs all spread because everyone is obsessed with finding out if she has a penis or not.
Yeah, classy!

Now I know what you all are thinking 'Oh Caitlin, you just hate Gaga because she's mainstream and you're some indie hipster elitist biotch blah blah.' Not true. I dont like her because first off, I don't like her crap music, because, I don't. Its not my cup of tea. Secondly, she's a big fat poser, who prides herself on being so different and innovative, and so 'not like anyone else'. Well you know, if she really was that original and cutting edge, her music would not sound like EVERYTHING ELSE OUT THERE. You can just tell she's trying so hard all the time. She's full of crap.

I know it probably sounds like Im trying to insult people, but Im not trying to insult your tastes, because I know that there are people who genuinley like her music. But if you want to fight me about her 'originality', bring it. You won't win. Trust me.

I dont know, Im not a prude or anything but Im kind of getting tired of artists who 'express their sexuality' so blatantly. Its like, I understand you, Lady Gaga. You're proud of your sexuality, but please stop bluffin with your muffin. Im worried for your well being.

HAHAHAHA sorry, I know that was random. But was anyone else inclined to think of sexual things when they watched that? I don't know, Im just a pervert.

Anyhow, Im looking forawrd to spending these next few days with my cousin. We're major 'tards, and thats without drugs.

-Caitlin Catalina

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...but I modified this tube sock

So today my mom and I went all the way to Petaluma to see 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox'. I had been wanting to see it forever, but by the time I would have been able to, it wasnt showing anywhere locally. So lucky for me it was still playing at a theater in Petaluma and I went to go see it!

This was my kind of movie, just the right kind of quirkiness and wit. It's directed by Wes Anderson, the guy who did 'The Darjeeling Limited', another movie I really enjoyed. Its kind of one of those movies where there's things in it that when you see it you think 'um...what was that all about?' but then you watch it again and you just get it, for whatever reason. Plus, all the little animals in Fantastic Mr. Fox had really funny things to say. 'I can fit in there. Wanna know why? Because I'm LITTLE!'

hahahaha I know you don't get it now, but hey go see the movie and I promise you wont be disappointed.

So I know on this blog has brought up the Snuggie quite a few times. If a snuggie isn't your cup of tea, I think I might have found the solution.

Snuggies are for pansies anyway. Man up and buy a MANKET!!! (get it? man and blanket together)

So I bought my plane ticket to go to LA on the 21st! Im super excited ^_^ It will be nice to get away for a while before school starts. Those feelings were confirmed last night when my mom found out that my dad had ruined all the tamales we made on accident. Naaaasty argument. What? You don't mess up tamales!

Not to mention this my first time travelling alone. Should make for good times!

Anyway, thats it for now, maybe I'll check in again later.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow looks like powder sugar, but it sure don't taste like it

hello my technological children

I understand Many of you may feel neglected since you've only been getting love from one of your blog parents *cough, cough* CAITLIN *cough, cough* Well I'll just be honest and say if you thought I liked you, your retarded. I'm a terrible parent and will continue to be, so HAH!

Anyway I have taken off to the otherside of America to enjoy the vacation state. Which state is that you may ask? well, my children, it's Maine of course.

I arrived at my destination chipper and ready for a wonderful week, but soon realized that I hadn't considered one factor: the snow. Now I've been to the snow and I've played in the snow and had a great time, but I was always able to go back home to the sun and warmth, where it was dry. Well not only did was there snow but for the last couple of days I've been trapped inside because of a snow storm. All together I think we got about 20 inches of snow. THATS A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF SNOW! (in case you don't understand)

I also didn't realize how crazy the time difference would be. I think I haven't had a normal sleeping schedule since I got here. I normally go to sleep around 8 in the morning, thats when everyone else here is getting up.

All in all its been a really great trip. I got to see my lovely family so I'm thankful. I leave tomorrow to return home and I'm sort of sad to be leaving but extremely happy to get away from all this effing snow!!!

p.s- Caitlin has had a much more exciting chirstmas vacation then me so don't hate.

peace out sucka

Oh, it's gonna work out

It seems as though all our company has left the Graham residence for a little bit. The house is oddly quiet and I think it has finally hit me that the holidays are actually over. Which is...rather depressing. But HEY, I've had some good times these past few days.

Yesterday I went with my familia to San Francisco, a.k.a. The Greatest City in the Whole Fucking United States (lulz, my opinion is always the best, don't question me). My brother insisted on being our 'Chinese Tour Guide' as we drove around the city. Im not going to go into details of what that consisted of. I had a grand old time walking around Haight St. seeing all the crazies that never left the 60's behind, or at least didnt survive them. There was one fellow who had a hammer, and whenever the traffic was clear he'd go to the middle of the road and start beating the asphalt with a hammer. My sister in law Gabby said that was one of the oddest things she'd seen all day. Likewise Gabby, likewise.

Oh yeah, then there were all the hipsters.
hah, I have a zip up hoodie like that. I have it in red and in black, both with white draw strings. Im so effing cool, mang.

Of course while I was on Haight Street I paid Amoeba Music a visit. I love that store! Its like isles and isles of musical goodies! I bought M83's Saturday=Youth, which I'd been wanting to get forever, as well as 23 by Blonde Redhead.

I also began my vinyl collection. I decided to get The Velvet Underground and Nico LP, because I mean hey, everyone needs that album. Not to mention Andy Warhol produced it. Also, I bought a 45 of Mayer Hawthorne's 'Just Ain't Gonna Work Out'. I decided to buy that vinyl because A) that song is legit as hell, and B)the record itself is shaped like a heart, just like in the video.

The first time I heard that songs was about a year ago, but I had forgotten about it until a while ago. In case you haven't hopped on the awesomeness bandwagon yet, here's the video:


Came in a clear casing

Mmm, yeah I'm cool. I need to save up to buy a player now.

In other news...

HEY! Remember what I posted a while back about the octopi (since I guess 'octopusses' is grammatically incorrect and also sounds kind of gross) being all smart and shit?
WHAT DID I TELL YOU!! Don't fuck with them, man.

I found that at a site called Oddly Specific. If you're a fan of Fail Blog and similar sites, you'll like Basically it focuses on signs that are, well...oddly specific.
Damn, don't mess with nature, It will fight back!!

HAHAHAHAHAH! I think if you decide to engage in 'hooking', having your car taken away might be the least of your problems. Think about that.

I just found out that my cousin Sean and his mommy are coming to visit this week! Looks like I'll have some more funsies!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves so far in the New Year. I know Pippin is.


ps-where has Ashley gone??

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it seems as though we've come to a new year. I can't believe 2009 is over with. While the fact that time has gone by so fast is kind of scary to me, I am kind of happy its over. 2009 was kind of a gnarly year for me in many ways. But on the bright side, I did learn a lot and made some awesome new friends. Lets see what 2010 brings us!

During all this reminiscing, I was thinking about where I was exactly a year ago. It was kind of...meh. Well, I was kinda a mess. But this year although things aren't perfect, I've come a ways.

Every time I hear this song, See the Light by The Hours it really reminds me of last year. Plus, I think the video is pretty rad too. Mental people, psychosis, crucified kind of video and the song is nice too.

So recently I've been thinking of starting to collect vinyls of my favorite musicians. In part its because I feel guilty for all the not-so-legal downloading I've been doing, and I figure I might as well make up for that. But on the other hand, a lot of my favorite bands have some pretty legit album art. So hey, frame it and put that shizzy on a wall! I want to get a vinyl from this band, Blonde Redhead, one of my favorites as of this summer. This song '23' also reminds me distinclty of this time a year ago.

Ahh, how I love good music.

So how was everyone's New Years? Mine was pretty chill, didn't really do anything except watch my parents get rediculously drunk. At one point my mom said out loud that New Jersey was in New York. I don't have many friends around Sonoma County, most of my school friends from school are out of towners. So that explains my lack of partying. *sigh* BUT I am going to LA towards the end of January to visit my buddy and awesome housemate Jenna. Im pretty freakin' stoked.

Also, since this is going to be an extra long break for me, I plan on going a lil crazy with my artsy things. I need to get ready for my intro to art therapy class coming this spring. My good friend Alexander sent me this ruhtarded cupcake as an artsy gift

Yesss Im feelin all the creative vibes coming back to me. Im pretty happy for that, I'll post my creations as they come.

I'm trying to think of if I really made any New Years resolutions this year. At one point I think I told myself that I would make the effort to make myself better at everything I do. I need to expand my horizons, get some ganas so to speak. I'm not very good at keeping new years resolutions in the past I've had:
-to be more creative (that was the laziest year of my life)
-to lose weight (I finally did like, 2 years later but HEY I DID IT!)
-to stop picking at my nails (I kind of kept this one...kind of. I swear, once you start habits like that, its like meth. Fucking damn near impossible to stop. Every now and then I have relapses and rip all my nail polish or nails off.)
-to be a more optimistic person (this was last year and it didnt work, 2009 sucked balls in general for me)

Sooooo, we'll see how I do this year.

My aunt made and sent my mom this video
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

That includes my brother, two of my cousins, my uncle and my dad. My dad is the dude with the hat and the glasses.

All I have to say is that I have one sexy family.

More postings will be coming to the blog soon with lots of funsies.

Anyway, out with 2009, in with 2010. Thank you to all my friends and family for staying at my side, and lets make 2010 rock!!!!


p.s. I saw Avatar today. If you haven't already, DO IT NOW.