Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hot duck sex

Right now I should be studying for my Chicano and Latino studies quiz I have tomorrow, but since Im Latina already I figured I can waste a little time to do this instead.

So in my psychology class today we talked about sex and relationships. Somehow during the course of our class discussion we started talking about ducks having sex. Apparently male ducks and female ducks have an interesting system going on in that department. From what I learned, male ducks dont always engage in courting a female they'd like to mate with, rather they just rape them sometimes. But, the female ducks have, anatomically speaking, have more than one 'entrance' and some of them are false ones. So while the male duck is yeah "YEAH, spreadin my seed!', the female duck can be like "Nuh uh, I dont want your babies, so JOKE IS ON YOU!'

It was at this point in the class that my teacher calmly said "I think this would be an interesting documentary to make, you could call it 'Fuck a Duck'."

God, only in college. This is what I am paying thousands of dollars for.

Some of you might be saying, 'What is the purpose of this anti-pregnancy technique in ducks, of all species?' Well observe....

We wouldn't want little mutant poodle-ducks running around now would we? Little 'pucks' we could call them, or 'pooducks'. Eh? Ey? Amirite?? ;)


Confessions of Ashley the shopaholic: Welcome to my closet

Looking to waste time? Well your not the only one.
Thats what makes this blog so great. You get to waste time reading it and I get to waste time writing it. Mission accomplished.

I think that I need to admit to something. I hate doing laundry, and I'm a shopaholic! and when you put those to things together it's a terrible combination. See this is what happens...I'm running low on apparel because they need to be washed, so what I do is go out and buy more clothes to make up for the ones that are missing in my closet and to put off doing laundry for one more day. Yeah thats pretty ruhtarded (worthy of a star, don't you think Caitlin?) Plus, not having clothes is usually what I use to justify my addiction to fashion, and spending money. I feel like that girl on that one movie, where she walks by all those shop windows and those mannequins start like talking to her, and crap. ( and I'm not on drugs). It's probably all those colors, patterns and cuts. There so beautiful. and don't get me started on all those scarfs (gosh I love scarfs) and those bangle bracelets, dangly earrings, sunglasses. (definitely own like 5 pairs).

I mean I must have at least 20 pairs of shoes (and that is not an exaggeration)
I have to have at least a a half rack in my closet just of my sweater (aka coats and jackets, whatever you want to call them)
Don't even get me started on how many formal dresses I own, that I probably will never wear (but there so pretty, when I look in my closet it's like a fairytale)

yes, I have a problem. A serious one.

I love clothes! I love buying them, shopping for them (helping other people shop for them) I have definitely encouraged other people to give into there shopping desires (and that sounded dirty, but it wasn't so get you mind out of the gutter). I can't help myself. I don't really want to help myself. I just want to enjoy my little addiction! (but I wanted to come out of the closet with it...haha that's kind of funny to say know...clothes...closet...)

Well peace out sucka

I'm off to shop till I drop!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everyone is fond of owls

I decided to be a slacker and not go to my archaeology class today. I kind of woke up on the wrong foot this morning, seeing as I had class at 8 and didnt wake up till 7:36. Which if you're a girl like me, that is NOT enough time to get stuff done. Plus I didnt get to eat anything so my stomach was eating itself. Also I came home from that class just feeling mad at everyone in the world.

But anyways, my friend Katie is over so I decided to be a slacker and not go to my next class. I decided this when she grabbed one of my shoes and used it as a maraca, and shook it everywhere.

So Im going to use this post to talk about how much I love owls. I mean really, what kind of animal is better than an owl? (Katie says 'sloth, DUH')They're pretty, and fierce, and out at night, and they're super smart. Not to mention you can draw them really cool. This is an owl I drew:


I drew that kind of a while ago while I was vacationing in So Cal in July. We were at Pismo Beach and I was trying to avoid being runned over by quads and dirt bikes, so I just stayed in our sand filled trailer drawing stuff. I would post some more recent drawings but since my laptop is broken I cant! Anyways, I think if I ever got a tattoo I would totally get it of an owl, and Id wanna design it myself.

But in conclusion, owls are just awesome.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sup, internetz??!

What's up, internetz? Figured I'd jam out a post today since it Monday, and Mondays always suck. Especially when you decide to wear a skirt and its windy and you're walking through the most busy part of campus. Yeah, I dont care how cute your underwear is, that shizzy is embarassing. I hope no boys saw.

So, its day 6 since my laptop decided to a be a biotch to me, and it looks like HP (not Harry Potter) is going to repair it for me for free because they make stupid computers. As my old geography teacher used to say "The turd is in your pocket, dont put it in mine." Hahaha, only in college...

On a completly unrelated note, my friend showed me this link the other day:

Seriously? How much of our tax money is going into stuff like this, and what the hell was it supposed to prove? I dont know, but what I do know is that salmon is really tasty.


OH also, I just have to say that I am SO FREAKING PUMPED for the 'Where the Wild Things Are' movie. No joke, when I saw the trailer, with the scenes from the movie, the music and everything, I teared up a bit. Its a part of my childhood. It looks like its going to be amazing.

Oh my god...I can't wait. I want a cute boy to take me to see this movie, that would be ideal ;_: I have till October 16th to make that happen, haha. Seriously though, doesnt it look awesome???


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rambles, Rants and Werewolves?

So This is my (Ashley here) first solo post since this awesomeness (our blog baby, our technological love child) was created.

You want to know what I hate? I hate when people say, "No offense..." which is only code for I'm about to offend you and hope you won't punch me in the face. Come on people, if you think saying those words will suddenly make what your about to say any less offensive then your living a special land I like to call delusional. I can assure you that 80% of the times you've said something coated in the magic of "no offense" that person has been offended. And let's be honest, about 50% of the times you've uttered these words you meant to be offensive (I'm a nice person but even I have wanted to offended a person every now and again. I mean there are just some people who need a really good offending). SO why not just delete this phrase from our speech? It would say us on time and energy.

So now that I'm done with my little tirade let's get down to the business of today. What is the business of today? I have no idea, but it sounded like something cool to say.

I want to brag a little about my getting Caitlin to watch Twilight. I will admit that I am a HUGE fan of Twilight, and if you think that it makes me retarded (you can go suck one!) I really don't care what people's opinions are, because personally if you rag on it and you haven't seen the movie or read any of the books then you don't really have an informed opinion, so I could careless what you think (if you don't like it after watching or reading, then thats great for you. I respect that). As you can see I'm a rambler.Now back to what I was going to say.

Right, so I got Caitlin to watch Twilight, and I feel pride that I may have converted another person to the pop-culture phenomenon. I do have to say that although she likes jacob (that's the werewolf (and yes you spelt that right Caitlin) in case you don't know) I have still chosen to remain her friend, even though I am on team Edward (which is the vampire (he wins in the end, so I think I've made a good choice) in case you don't know). For those of you who are Twilight fans, doesn't New Moon look like it's going to be incredible? If you haven't seen the new trailer check it out below. You won't be disappointed!

Amazing? I think so!

I'd also like to promote the new Three Days Grace album, Life Starts Now. (It's amazing! You all should check it out). Also I'm very excited for the new Paramore album that is coming out on September 29th. I can barely wait to see how Hailey and the gang will top there last album.

Well peace out sucka

Say say my playmate

So here I am, my first solo post sans Ashley Del Taco Bell. I meant to post yesterday after I got back from the movies but my housemate Jenna and I ended up movie hopping (you know, two movies for the price of one >_>) and didnt get home till 11 then we watched another movie here.

Right now Im on hold with HP (not Harry Potter, HP technology computer people) trying to get some answers on what to do about my lap top. Apparently my model of laptop that I own had a recall on it because of the exact problem Im having. Basically the computer doesnt know if its in sleep mode or not. Sounds like me when Im in class on some days. I have to say I love the music they choose to play while you're on hold. It attempts to keep you calm even during times like these when you have ZERO access to the computer that basically has your entire life on it.

When Ashley was over a few nights ago I finally saw.....Twilight. Yes. I know. I resisted for so long. But I have to admit I thought it was pretty good and I actually liked it. I want to see the next one because it has werewolves (uh is that how you spell that?) and we all know, werewolves are better than vampires hands down. TV on the Radio makes this clear.

TV On The Radio - WOLF LIKE ME from jamaal parham on Vimeo.

So yeah, then yesterday I saw "Love Happens" and "Surrogates". Thank god Jenna brought tissues, Love Happens had me tearing up a few times. Once we got home, I FINALLY saw "The Boondock Saints". Id been hearing about that movie for years but I finally got around to seeing it, and it was awesome.

Okay, so Ive been on hold for half an hour now. Maybe HP's website was made by a bunch of liars and they aren't open 24/7. Damn it!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Video Post

Sailors & Facial Hair from Caitlin Graham on Vimeo.

Welcome to our first post!

So ladies and gents, this is our first post! Hence the lack of other posts.....

We will be adding videos, pictures, links etc, about whatever the hell we want in the posts to come. Some of them we will post together, others by ourselves. But this blog belongs to both of us, and by us I mean Ashley Bell and Caitlin Graham if you were too lazy to read any of our info. Which you should read (because its slightly good, I mean its alright, its chill) Oh and any time there is a parenthesis, that generally means Ashley is interjecting a point. Point made.

Long story short, Caitlin's laptop with all the goods for this blog on it, decided to be a bitch and die. SO the goods will come, we're gonna post a video with us just...talking about random things, that might interest you or that might not. But we don't care, because this isnt about you, its about us.

So thats about it for now, we're both really excited!

- Caitlin & Ashley