Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hot duck sex

Right now I should be studying for my Chicano and Latino studies quiz I have tomorrow, but since Im Latina already I figured I can waste a little time to do this instead.

So in my psychology class today we talked about sex and relationships. Somehow during the course of our class discussion we started talking about ducks having sex. Apparently male ducks and female ducks have an interesting system going on in that department. From what I learned, male ducks dont always engage in courting a female they'd like to mate with, rather they just rape them sometimes. But, the female ducks have, anatomically speaking, have more than one 'entrance' and some of them are false ones. So while the male duck is yeah "YEAH, spreadin my seed!', the female duck can be like "Nuh uh, I dont want your babies, so JOKE IS ON YOU!'

It was at this point in the class that my teacher calmly said "I think this would be an interesting documentary to make, you could call it 'Fuck a Duck'."

God, only in college. This is what I am paying thousands of dollars for.

Some of you might be saying, 'What is the purpose of this anti-pregnancy technique in ducks, of all species?' Well observe....

We wouldn't want little mutant poodle-ducks running around now would we? Little 'pucks' we could call them, or 'pooducks'. Eh? Ey? Amirite?? ;)


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