Monday, February 22, 2010

Vision in a World Without Spectacles

Im going to start this posting by asking if anyone knows why the hell 'curling' is considered a sport. An Olympic sport, none the less.

What the fuck is that? I feel like this is one of those sports that was created on some kind of whim out of boredom. Like some really bored dudes in Canada or Iceland who worked at a meat packing plant decided to throw frozen turkeys down a long hallway and then use brooms to make them move where they wanted to. Seriously I dont even understand how the game works, let alone how it is a game. In fact I didnt even know that Scotland had their own Olympic team. But hey man, I like your accent.

Anyway, this weekend pretty much drove me crazy. So much so that I came up with a new way to see the world. I give you cupcake goggles:

eventually I got tired of having to hold them so I created this contraption


I call this a very pretentious look. Because I think Im really cool.

Yep. pretty much sums up my weekend.

Oh and here's a cool French song someone showed me. The video is pretty sweet too. I like their lead singer, he looks crazy. Also the fact that they have an accordion player in their band who happens to be a girl.

Im not looking forward to this week for some reason. I think the magical newness of school has finally run out. Ugh.


PS I heard there might be new episodes of Superjail! on Adult Swim coming soon!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just A Love Post


So yes, today is Valentines. A day most single people try not to think about. But for me, today is just like any other day. But regardless, I'll acknowledge today as a holiday. Here's some music videos for some love songs (or anti-love songs) to get all of you in the mood for lovin' (or being happy that you're single) or just celebrating the friends or family you love and care about. Actually most of these are kind of angsty. But get over it! Its my blog ok??? Here's some videos for songs about the many aspects of love, good or bad.

Thats it, dont want to do overkill.

Anyway, everyone have a good day whether you're single, taken, in love or out of love.


Friday, February 12, 2010

There's A Bear Inside Your Stomach

Sometimes I feel like this girl pulling the cart with the giant marble up a hill. Except I dont have the guys from The Antlers to come help me. "Bear" is the song.

I drew another owl. Its a present for somebodyyyy

The photo doesn't give it justice.


I had art therapy this morning. Its gonna be a good class :)

Should be a good weekend, ladies and gents


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tomorrow In A Year

So I read today that Alexander McQueen passed away today by way of a rumoured suicide. He was only 40. I always feel really saddened when creative people die, its like the world loses a piece of what makes people unique. It's a shame, as a designer he was known as an icon for his edgy fashion forward design.

Here's his spring 2010 show

I know most of you will see that stuff and be like 'ugh', but people forget that fashion is art, and its that kind of stuff that inspires all the trends you normal people sport.

In other news...

a while back I posted a song by The Knife that I said was inspired by Chareles Darwin. Well I read into that more and found out that its a part of an entire electro-opera that they contributed their music for based on the life of Charles Darwin called 'Tomorrow in a Year'

I know, its super weird. I've always had a fascination with Darwin. But its on tour around Europe and Im hoping it will come state side *crosses fingers* Yeah Darwin!

Tomorrow is my first art therapy class Im so excited!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Raining Cats and Schnauzers

Love this song, love this band, love this song and video. "So Bloody, So Tight" by A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Lately I cant get enough shoegaze.

For the past two days when Ive gone to the gym, odd things have been happening. Like yesterday I went but had to leave early becauase I was wearing a sock (the two socks were different because I managed to not bring a single pair of matching socks with me to the dorms) that kept falling down my shoe, and I ended up getting a bloody blister on my ankle. So I left early. Then got caught in an epic rain storm where having an umbrella was of no benefit. I ended up like this:
crack whore chic
mascara burns your eyes

So then, today I was running on the track and there was this random schnauzer dog walking around the gym. He was so cute! He looked like this:
Thats a schnauzer for you idiots that dont know what one looks like. If I had one, Id name it Charles Darwin, or...

Hahaha who remembers that commercial?

In other news, Jenna and I got tickets to see the movie 'Crazy Heart' on the 16th over at the Rialto. It looks really good, and Jeff Bridges has been winning awards up the wazoo for his leading role in this film

All you Sonoma kids should go get your tickets at the student union, only a dollar!

Thats all for now kids!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its Raining, I need a Beach House

So the first week of school has finished for me. Well...I guess technically not. The art therapy class I am enrolled in got furloughed the first week of class. Which is a bummer because Im anxious to take it. Oh well, next week.

So basically Ive just been getting my learn on with books n' shit


No, no, no not learning anything written by Adolf Hitler, Im studying psychology silly! So one day I can do this:


If you're a psych major and you dont understand that picture then its time you pick another field of study, BIAAATCH

Anyway, so far my classes seem legit and Im waiting to see if I can get into one more. I dont want to jinx things by saying that I'll get in, but I think my chances are good.

So in other news, there's been some amazing music coming out this year so far, and much more to come. I've been talking about Beach House on here non stop, but their album 'Teen Dream' finally came out and they've been posting some live performances from various songs off the new album that have just been amazing on Here's 'Norway'

I have a girl crush on their lead, Victoria Legrand. I envy her singing voice. Sooooo gorgeous sounding. I hope Pitchfork eventually posts their song 'Silver Soul', thats my favorite off of 'Teen Dream'. If it gets posted I will put it here because this is my blog damn it!

Beach House along with a bunch of my other favorites are playing at Coachella this year, I sooooo wanna go :(

Poo, its raining.

So thats it for now, I will post soon again.


ps, my house plants are doing better, the stalks are standing up again! Now the leaves just need to turn green.