Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its Raining, I need a Beach House

So the first week of school has finished for me. Well...I guess technically not. The art therapy class I am enrolled in got furloughed the first week of class. Which is a bummer because Im anxious to take it. Oh well, next week.

So basically Ive just been getting my learn on with books n' shit


No, no, no not learning anything written by Adolf Hitler, Im studying psychology silly! So one day I can do this:


If you're a psych major and you dont understand that picture then its time you pick another field of study, BIAAATCH

Anyway, so far my classes seem legit and Im waiting to see if I can get into one more. I dont want to jinx things by saying that I'll get in, but I think my chances are good.

So in other news, there's been some amazing music coming out this year so far, and much more to come. I've been talking about Beach House on here non stop, but their album 'Teen Dream' finally came out and they've been posting some live performances from various songs off the new album that have just been amazing on Here's 'Norway'

I have a girl crush on their lead, Victoria Legrand. I envy her singing voice. Sooooo gorgeous sounding. I hope Pitchfork eventually posts their song 'Silver Soul', thats my favorite off of 'Teen Dream'. If it gets posted I will put it here because this is my blog damn it!

Beach House along with a bunch of my other favorites are playing at Coachella this year, I sooooo wanna go :(

Poo, its raining.

So thats it for now, I will post soon again.


ps, my house plants are doing better, the stalks are standing up again! Now the leaves just need to turn green.

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