Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Man its been a while since I've posted on the old bloggeroo. I've been busy with the holidays and what not. After wrapping up school, I came home, did some rapid Christmas shopping and then got a pretty nasty cold. Then of course it was off to Lemoore and Fresno for family and Christmas goodness. Anyway, it was a pretty good Christmas, here are the highlights of the holidays thus far:

-fantastic yummy yummy home made tamales.

-my mom saying to my brother's dog "I know you want to lick my meat but I won't let you" without realizing what she was really saying.

-my two cousins and I trying to learn the dance from Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' video.

-my new digital camera and other awesome gifts including tons of cool owl stuff like this ring:

-my mom suddenly going all spiritual on Christmas Eve and suggesting we should all sing songs to Jesus, and my uncle Gil suggested we sing 'Happy Birthday Jesus'

-the family gag gift exchange game which consisted of a President Obama commemorative plate, a snuggie, a dart blower, a neck exerciser amongst other goodies.

-My cousin Sean ending up with the Snuggie and his antics with it.

-this commercial:

-Overall Christmas awesomeness!

Humans haven't been the only ones having a good time this holiday season. Apparently the octopus population has been having some fun with all the coconut shells us humans have been leaving around on the beach

WTF THEY'RE USING TOOLS??? Man, I think Im about to go out and get an octopus tattoo so that when they take over the world (as they are on their way to doing) they might spare me.

More movies, music, and fun stuff coming to the blog now that Im home.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Drink Your Milkshake REDUX!!!!!

I had my archeaology final today, and pretty much I feel like after that Im in the home stretch. It was my hardest final, and now its all over and I feel pretty good about things. Now all I have left is my Spanish final and that should be a piece of cake!

So with my mind being on the holidays, we have some pretty good movies coming out soon, after all its almost awards season! One of which Im STOKED about is 'Nine'. Now normally Im not really that big into musicals, but this one has the same director as 'Chicago' which was pretty freaking amazing. BUT, what most compells me to this one is DANIEL DAY-LEWIS.

Nine from postadsgroup on Vimeo.

Daniel Day-Lewis is the man. For those of you who haven't seen There Will Be Blood (my favorite movie EVER), Gangs of New York or even The Last of the Mohicans, I highly suggest you do. He's an amazing actor, not to mention pretty good looking for an older dude. No but seriously, if you haven't gotten on to the 'I drink your milkshake' train, then something's wrong with you that needs to be fixed ormaybei'llsmashyourheadinwithabowlingpin.


haha crazy old man! Oh Daniel Day-Lewis.

For those of you less cultured or easier amused, here's something that somewhat relates to Nine. I give you...Rammstein vs. Cookie Monster

Get it?

I hope I brought you the lulz.

Im super exacited to get outta here!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

It just occured to me that the new year is almost here. That's just insane!

So anyway, life for me has basically been....ugh. I finally got a repairman out here to look at the haunted can opener, and he found out what it was. It was some hot water pipe that was on a timer to go off each morning around 5. So he said he'd change it to 6 pm instead. Well he MESSED UP because now it just goes off at 6 am instead. Yeah great. So I had to go yell and intimidate some people today.

Or maybe I was just ferociously trying to grab someones boobs. I dont know what is going on in this picture. Regardless, DONT MESS WITH ME!

And then I was already cranky and as I went outside there were some dipshits doing a demonstration against bottled water and wanted me to sign petitions. I said I was on my way to class and that I would sign after wards, but I just left Stevenson Hall the back way and avoided them like the black plague. Seriously, furloughs, budget cuts, shitty registration, not graduation on time, 30% and rising tuition...WHY do you think bottled water is even remotely important to me right now? Go home, hippies!

And then for second registration I just added two bullshit classes because nothing else I wanted/needed was open. FML. Gerontology...old people, great. The fact that the class I got into was only an 8 seater and I had no problem getting into it says a lot I think. And then I got a diversity in action class...what does that even mean? Well...we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, so in the process of not having enough sleep because of haunted can openers (damn cat zombies) and having a panic attack, my suitemate Jenna showed me this internet gem.

hahahah I dont know how many of you have seen that before, but I thought it was great. That girl thinks shes the shit, I think the best justification for that is in her quote "Im 18! Im not 16! Im not like, young, and like, stupid!" Obviously the 2 year difference isnt much of a difference at all.

"You could have been raped in the butt. IN THE BUTT!" haha best bro ever!

So to make this not a total Caitlin-bitch-about-everything post, here's some tunes to make yer life better! This is a song called 'Norway' by Beach House, a band I've been obsessing over after I managed to get my hands on their yet to be released album 'Teen Dream'. Recognize that chick's voice? She was the one who paired up with Grizzly Bear to do the song 'Slow Life' for the New Moon soundtrack.


Man, I have so much to do this weekend >_> Lots of studying and at some point I need to do some Christmas shopping. Man, one more week of school left, ONE WEEK! I can't believe it. What am I going to do with myself till February 1st?

I've been thinking about food while writing this entire post
MMM! Thank god, I'm starving!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey SSU Housing, theres a haunted can opener in my walls

God, Im so over school.

This is pretty much me right now

Man, only two more weeks of school before winter break, but I have soooo much to do in order to get ready for finals. I just got my study guide for archaeology...well I know what I'll be doing all weekend!

So in times like these it helps to have good sleep. I have not been getting good sleep. Remember the last time I posted I talked about how a can opener sound woke me up in the morning? WELL, that can opener noise has consistently woken me up every morning starting at 5 AM for the last 6 days. It doesnt happen just once, it goes on and off until 8 AM. I called maintenence because I figured out that its coming out of the electrical boxes in my closet. But I have yet to hear back from them. Naturally when I get woken up like that I get all freaked out and I start thinking about paranormal things.

Apparently Jenna heard a cat die the other night, and so we have a theory that it might actually be a cat zombie harassing me with a haunted can opener.
Thats what Jenna does while she's at work, by the way.

I really love cats though. I found this video to be quite entertaining


Apparently males are the same across all species. BASTARD!!!!!!

So0o0o0o someone said they were upset there were no new videos. This weekend at some point during my final studies madness maybe I'll make one of me doing something random. MAYBE.

Ugh, second registration tomorrow. I hate SSU. Wish me luck ;_:

ALSO today from 4-6 we have our radio show, listen to us at! Might be our last for the semester, so check us out!

Caitlin Catalina Caterpillar Cuddle Bear

Thursday, December 3, 2009

can I haz a break?

Man, this week has been INTENSE! I registered for classes, and even though I got what I needed for now, it was absolute hell. I'm not even going to go over what I had to deal with because Im tired of talking about it.

Then this morning my alarm didnt go off, AGAIN. So I woke up and looked at my phone and it was 7:51, I had class at 8. I dont know what woke me up, some weird noise in the dorm. It was like...a can opener...I dont know. Anyhoo, normally I would have been like 'well whatever, I wont go today.' BUT I was under the impression we were supposed to have a quiz in class today. No quiz. Ugh. Mornings always suck.


But animals always cheer me up!




hahahahaha YOU'RE FIRED!

Man, after this week only two more of school before Christmas break. Who is ready for some holiday cheer? I know I am! Mmmm tamales, presents...
lol Im the cat. the LOLCAT.

I'm also looking forward to the holidays so I can hang out with my familia. People of this nature (tilt your head to the left):

Sean's antics from Caitlin And Ashley on Vimeo.

Yep, I'm related to those kind of people. Makes sense, ey? Oh Sean my dear cousin, you're such a card.


Saturday, November 28, 2009




Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Despite my ruh-tarded family, I can say that I had a really nice break away from school and what not. Now only three more weeks to go and I am free from school for a while for winter break. Im ready, but at the same time, living with my parents means being grilled about every bit of my whereabouts. Ugh. But I think I might start using the fact that Im now twenty-fucking-years-old to disobey for once. Either way, school stresses me out, and now that Im about to fight tooth and nail to register for my classes for next semester SO THAT I CAN GRADUATE ON TIME LIKE I'M SUPPOSED TO, my anxiety is at an all time high.

Anyways, nothing calms me down like good music. One of my favorite bands, Animal Collective recently released a new EP called Fall Be Kind, and its pretty legit. This song "What Would I Want? Sky" is one of my favorites. The song itself has samples from a Grateful Dead song. Pretty baddass.

Also, there seems to be a lot of really good movies coming out soon. One of which is 'The Lovely Bones', which is based on a novel by Alice Sebold. I was so taken by the preview that I've decided to start reading the book itself. It's devastatingly good. I suggest you all read the book, and then watch the movie when it comes out this holiday season!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Think Before You Get Ink.

Hello all,

well fall is most definitley here. Its really cold out, the leaves are falling, Thanksgiving is just about here...oh yeah and my whole house smells like the pumpkin bread my mom has been baking all day.

Also, this past weekend was my birthday weekend. Im finally 20 years old, no longer a teen. I had a pretty good time this weekend with friends and family and, oh yeah, lots of shopping in San Francisco. All together that makes a pretty damn good birthday weekend.

So lets not mess around and get right on to this awesome blog-ish thing that I happen to find via Its like fail blog, but its all about tattoos. Bad tattoos. I could spend hours on this site browsing through the hysterical, the horrifying, the disgusting, and the overall poor judgement that people seem to have when adding a permanent modification to their body. Serously people, this shit is permanent. Just think about that.

Oh, just as a note, some of this is a bit NSFW (not safe for work)

Oh you have a daughter? Great. Your daughter is just a baby? Cute. Oh you got her portrait tattooed on you? Awesome. Oh, you're child is a flesh eating demon from the flames of hell? Not cool.

I dont care how fucking hipster you are, what the hell is up with your tattoo? If I was into a guy and then I found out he had kitties with yarn tattooed on his chest, that would be a major deal breaker.

Sure, everyone knows the keyboard cat. But why would I want to go look at an ugly tattoo of it on your...whatever part of the body that is...when I could go look it up on youtube?

Okay, so owl tattoos are cool. In fact if I were to ever get a tattoo Id want it to be of an owl because owls are AWSM. But this makes me kind of not want to. I dont really know where the concept for this would have come from. Ugliesttattoo suggested a possible attempt to merge Harry Potter nerds and porn. Not a great success if I do say so myself.

I know the economy is tough, but no, I don't want to insert anything in your slot.

I've saved the best for last, Ashley will love this one.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! For this, Im just going to quote what had to say about it: "Is this poorly executed? Or did someone walk into a tattoo parlor and say, “Give me Robert Pattinson, but make it look like he just got some bad Botox. No, I mean, like, really bad. Like so bad that it paralyzed the right side of his face. Also, give him MacGyver’s hair. Perfect.”"

Ugh. I think tattoos are really awesome, but come on people. Lets think before we get ink. If you wanna see more of those, go to

So on the note of Edward Cullen, Ashley and I went to the New Moon premiere. I have to say that after standing out in 47 degree weather for 3 hours, sitting down in the theater never felt so good. Seriously, I had never been so content. Ever.

As for the movie...well Im not a big fan of the 'Twilight Saga' to begin with. THE SOUNDTRACK WAS AWESOME THOUGH. A movie where the 'hot' guys sparkle in the sunlight isnt really for me. And I thought vampires like, died if they went into the sunlight? I dont know, maybe I missed something. Unless its Lee Pace sparkling, I do not want. Even the werewolf guy, Jacob started to irritate me. Its like 'Oh let me casually just take of my shirt here and show you my ripped abs.' Yeah. No. At least he cut his hair and didnt look emaciated like a certain other leading man. Sorry Ashley. However, I will say the action scenes were pretty legit.

Overall, it was good times.

Now who is ready for Thanksgiving feastings? I know I am.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vampire or Werewolf: The choice is yours

Caitlin and I went to the midnight showing of New Moon, and let's just say it was more then a little interesting.
The line outside the theater was intense, but what made it even more intense was that we had to wait outside for two hours in 47 degree weather. That's right, it was very cold, and they wouldn't let us inside (very inconsiderate of them).
The people in line were surprisingly normal... I didn't see a lot of people repping t-shirt or buttons or anything. I mean the weirdest people we met were these to crazy girls who asked if we would let them waiting line with us, and our mistake was saying yes. They were FREAKS! they talked to us like we had been there best friends or something (what are parents teaching there children these days? what ever happened to don't talk to strangers? Didn't they know Caitlin's a Stalker? lol :P)

The movie was everything I thought it would be and so much more. The acting was better, The action was spectacular, and It stayed true to the story. What more could I ask for? Oh wait I know, Lots of Shirtless men running around...CHECK! They covered it all.

Now to add a more serious note to this post.

I have been reflecting (and began this reflection with Caitlin in the car after the movie)
when it comes to boys they are either our Edward or our Jacob. Our Vampire or Our Werewolf. Our two Loves.

The Best Friend Love- Someone that you know won't ever let you down, the one who has always got your back through thick and thin. The Guy you know is perfect for you, but you're to scared to do anything about it because it could mess up everything you guys have if something were to go wrong and you'd rather have him in your life as your best friend forever then not in your life at all.

I like to call that Guy the one that's good for you but of course the catch is we never want whats good for us...nope we want the person whose heart matches ours beat for beat.

The Romeo Love- This is the one your heart weeps for, the one who makes you feel completely 100% real and alive, the one you would give your life for. He is your prince charming, your hearts protector and keeper. The one guy you would forsake all others for.

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic to look at life this way but I think it's true. This is how I see things play out so often in girl/guy relationships. Every girl wants a Romeo love ( whether that Romeo is a Jacob or Edward doesn't matter) Even if they never admit it, it's true.

That's why girls love twilight so much (the vampire and werewolf just make it fun) it's all about the Love story, and the Heartache because that's real life. We Can relate to the feelings of Loving and losing...

Can't wait for the next installment of this saga: Eclipse June 10th!

Young Love I Salute You
Broken Hearted People I Salute You

Peace out sucka

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trogdor the Burninator!

I haven't posted in a while and I was thinking about some of the good old days and videos that really brought something into my life (and by something I mean Joy, Laughter, on and so forth).

This is one of the those videos:

Strong Bad has definitely got to be one of the greatest internet characters ever created.

Thats all for now I don't really have anything else to share...

Peace out Sucka

Monday, November 16, 2009

Peas To Meet You, Crazy.

I think Im going crazy. I drew this.


Seriously. If something doesnt change, I might lose it. I've been major stressing lately. I've even been having dreams where something stressful is going on and I wake up feeling stressed out. No es bueno.

But in better news, my birthday is coming up! Friday! Im going to be 20!

So Jenna asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I said 'I want a man.'. But now after seeing this video, scratch that, I want PEAS. With their tight little bods inside their pods. Yes.

Or maybe, love?


Sunday, November 15, 2009




SOOOOO basically The Boondock Saints is a pretty effing epic movie. I only saw it finally pretty recently, so when my suitemate Jenna informed me that they were coming out with a sequel I was pretty damn stoked. BUT we found out it was in extremely limited release. So we were sad. Then yesterday, just by chance I was looking through the movie listings online to see what had come out at the shows yesterday. Lo and behold, I see at Roxy Stadium THE BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY. So I text Jenna immediatley and we ended up going to see it. And it was awesome. Irish boys are sexy. Especially sexy Irish boys with tattoos and guns.


This weekend I also had some of the best naan and curry ever at Shangri La across the street from SSU. Seriously, it was amazing. In fact I want some right now. Their chicken with creamy curry and butter naan is just a piece of heaven on earth.

Wow, I get off to ethnic foods such as naan and curry and cult classic flims. Im such a fucking hipster.

Oh well, got a problem with that? Well, make like a tree and get the fuck out of here!!!


Im so baddass.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tomorrow, today, and yesterday

I just had Katie watch the 1 Man 1 Jar video as well as the Mr. Hands video. They never fail to demonstrate to me how stupid humans are. Ugh...I think I need to vomit.

So I've embarked upon an ongoing photo project. Nothing special, mostly out of boredom and I like finding little things to do here and there to keep me from going crazy at this hell hole of school. I only look forward to the weekends it seems :( But I can do random shizzy like this whenever.

tomorrow is...

today has been

Yesterday was

Don't understand? Its okay, you're not supposed to. Think you know what it means? You're probably wrong unless you're me. But if you want more, you can find me at

So we all know how much I love bears, grizzly bear sleeping bags, ghost grizzly bears, Grizzly Bear the amazing band from Brooklyn, and now Bear in Heaven. A band who I just got into recently and I really dig their sound. In fact the authorities of indie rock over at called their latest album some of the best new music reviewed. Here's 'Lovesick Teenagers'

Oh yeah, lets not forget Im a permanent special guest on KSUN radio today from 4-6, every Tuesday. Check us out at

Also, tomorrow I have a day off! May be going to San Franny, *fingers crossed*

Enjoy, au revoir.


Friday, November 6, 2009

....said the grizzly bear ghost

Today I got my H1N1 vaccine, and Im kind of feeling paranoid. With all the bru ha ha about the things that can go wrong, I'm hoping I dont die within the next few hours.

So life has been...good? My friend showed me this the other day, and I think that anyone who is feeling bad for whatever reason should stay the night in one of these, and in the morning they'd feel a whole lot better.


ITS AN F'ING GRIZZLY BEAR SLEEPING BAG!!!! I mean really, wouldn't that just cheer you up?

Speaking of grizzly bears, the band Grizzly Bear has a new video out. With Grizzly Bear having contributed to the New Moon Soundtrack, lets hope some new kiddies youtube them and get nightmares.

Doesn't really make sense to me, but then again I don't see the need for it to. Its Grizzly Bear for God's sake.

-Caitlin Caterpillar

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are Those People or Are Those Bears?

Hello Boy and Girls it's that time once again:

Vloggy Vlog Time

We have taken the time out of our very busy schedules to make another Vlog (video Blog incase you didn't know what that meant)
This one literally had us wasting a lot of time because we had to do it in three takes cause my computer was being a butt.
So without further ado here is the long awaited premiere of "Are Those People or Are Those Bears?":

Are those people or are those bears? from Caitlin And Ashley on Vimeo.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

So today is the second day of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of Dead if you couldn't figure that out.

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday whos origins come from Mexico and Latin America. Basically it is a day that celebrates death as opposed to mourning it. It is viewed as a celebration of a loved one passing or having passed on to the afterlife. So, death is a beginning more so than an end.

Some people view this as kind of morbid, but I see it as something really beautiful, and an amazing way to celebrate someone you care about who has passed on. To commemorate them, people often make altars in honor of their loved one, and in Mexico and other parts of Latin America it is not uncommon for families to bring the celebration out to the actual grave sites. The altars are decorated with marigolds, photos, and favorite foods or drinks of the person being honored.


I've always always always wanted to go to Mexico around this time of the year. I love all the art and culture that comes with Dia de los Muertos, not to mention it is a part of my very own culture. Some day, maaaaybe I can go. It would be amazing to say the least.

Anyway, this weekend I found a little store that sold molds to make sugar candy skulls, or calaveras. Im super excited to try and make some!


So this weekend was Halloween weekend. I hope everyone had a fun and scary time. I know I did.


Yep, that's where I get it from.

Anyhoo, damn is it really November already?

-Catalina Caterpillar

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Caitlin, aka 'Caterpillar' here,

Caterpillar is my new name according to my new friend James.

So basically KW came from the island to come visit me in my dorm. Who is KW you ask?


Her feet got cold so I let her use my socks

Untitled from Caitlin And Ashley on Vimeo.

No, those are not my feet, what? Come on.

By the way, I really want a vampire teddy bear, like a real one. One that I can keep in a cage and keep next to my bed and look at him as he hisses at me.


My housemates told me that if I ever got one of those cute little guys I should give them the heads up. Rata rata rata!

Speaking of rata rata rata, Jenna and I went to Target the other day and as we were walking out and crossing the street some fat old lady slow drove up to us a little too close and Jenna looked right at her and goes 'Rata rata rata!' So we laughed, and were getting in the car and go figure, the same old lady parks in the space next to us and totally mad dogs us. Then Jenna threatened to eat her. I told her she might have to share with me, cuz she was quite large. It was fun.

By the way, I think I have a new artistic endeavour coming my way. I'll keep ya'll posted.

-Caitlin Catalina Caterpillar

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As Seen on TV

A cult thats fun for a Boy and a Girl (and even your dog but if you have a cat throw that pussy out cause it's not welcome)

Ooh man, this is probably the best cult advertisement I've seen a long time (or ever...). If your looking to join a cult no longer do you have to worry about those creepy people who approach you on the street at night, and ask you if you'd like to come for a space ride on the Mother ship (cause really whose going to turn down a weekend flight around the universe? Not me.)But They always get you with the fine print don't they? They need to make sure that they clarify that the space ship won't come to take you away until after you drink the poisonous purple koolaid. Nope, no more of that trickery (or tom foolery, whichever you prefer). Now you can enjoy cult advertisement from the comfort of your home. No longer will your eternal soul be in jeopardy, because you can be a member for a check of $19.95 (and your man card). This is a cult that the whole family can enjoy. No more having to sacrifice your children for some guy with a inferiority complex. No more having to sleep with a man who thinks he's an alien from mars( having to worry whether your children will pop out of you like that one movie, yeah a scary thought I know. That's why you don't mess around with unprotected aliens). This is probably the best cult you could ever join, I mean look at how happy they are in there Jedi robe like blankets. Whoever thought of this was a genius, a blanket with sleeves, that makes you look like a complete retard, while at the same time keeping you completely warm, best idea Ever!! where do I sign up?

Join this cult today!(not available in all 50 states)

Peace out sucka

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some 'Freaky' Shit

The other night I went to the annual 'Freaky Tales' Halloween dance party that the TKE fraternity puts on. Well. lets just say I have a lot to say about that experience.

So, originally the plan was for myself, Katie and Jenna to go together. However, before I could get my ticket for Jenna they sold out. But one of the frat boys told me I could go buy some tickets at the door if I got there at 9 because theyd have a couple hundred to sell. So I do just that, and I was also going to buy 2 more for two of Jenna's co-workers to come with us. I get there, and one of the guys tells me that they've sold out. I said 'well, do you know of anyone who has extras?' and he told me that yes, a few of them frat dudes had extras but they were selling them for at least 50 dollars. And I said, well Im buying three of them, so why can't you just sell them to me for the real price. This guys looks at me and says 'Well, I have some extras, but Im not going to sell them to you for any less than 50 bucks.'

Oh no he di'nt.

That ASSHOLE. Really? You're going to look me in the face and try to rip me off for a dance that isnt even worth the original ticket price? I guess this is why they invented frats though, so that douche bags can go have ruh-tard parties together. Seriously, I try not to judge frat guys, but this kind of just proved the stereotype of frat guys. Thanks TKE, way to fucking go.

So it was just me and Kaite. We got all cute and dressed up and went to dance. Overall it was fun and we danced a lot, got all hot and sweaty and molested by multiple boys trying to 'dance' with us. hahaha oh the curses of being a hottie. It felt kind of wrong being grinded on by some guy dressed like a priest. Nasty pervert. Of course the best part was seeing how everyone came dressed up. Oh girls, please, re evaluate what it means to be sexy, not slutty. Please.

But me and Katie were the best.

Anchors away!

Don't mess with navy sailorettes.

I even had a badass tattoo.

And this picture pretty much sums up mine and Katie's relationship

We have problems.

Anyway, that sums that up. I still need to find plans for next weekend. Hmm...

Time to go pick up the laundry!


Monday, October 19, 2009


Have you guys discovered yet? If you haven't, you need to. It will brighten your day no matter what kind of mood you're in. I'm not even going to try and explain Fail Blog, because you all just need to go see it for yourself.

I thought this one was appropriate for our blog.


Also, if ever I did a personal ad in a newspaper, it would say something along these lines:


Oh, also. In case you didn't know, Ashley is a rapist. This is how she used to roll:



Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'll eat you up, I love you so.

Oh my god....


Words cannot explain how amazing this movie was. It was everything and more that I expected it to be. It was just magical. The effects, the cinematography, the music (Karen O!!) was fantastic. Bringing a childrens book to real life and to do it successfully is quite an endeavour, but this movie had all the right stuff.

For the record, I plan on seeing it again and again. So if you wanna take me *coughifyou'reanicecuteboycough* then you still have that chance.



Friday, October 16, 2009

More Twilight Pimping? WHAT?

So yeah, Ashley and I have pretty much been fangirling over the New Moon soundtrack because its AMAZING. I mean yes, me, Caitlin, am calling it amazing. I mean, Thom Yorke (Uh Radiohead, HELLO??), Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, Bon Iver, Lykke Li, Sea Wolf, Editors...the list goes on.

But Im not going to lie, I have absolutely fallen in love with the song Grizzly Bear did, called 'Slow Life'. They collaborated with the girl from the band Beach House, Victoria Legrand. And its just....oh...

Anyway, here's them doing the song live.


Anyway, tomorrow Where the Wild Things are comes out AND theres a new episode of Superjail on Adult Swim. Hella excited.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Orgasm for the Ears

Okay so Caitlin and I were chatting over facebook, and she discovered something that made me very very EXCITED! and I thought it wouldn't be right if we didn't share it with the world.

So as many of you know I am a lover of the twilight series. Anywho many of you know or have heard that New Moon is going to be in theaters Nov. 20. Well the soundtrack is releasing a month before the movie, and this soundtrack is going to be A-MA-ZA-ING
It's got Thom Yorke (from Radiohead), Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Grizzly Bear and so many more fantasmic Artists. Well anyways they've posted the soundtrack and it's up for listing as we speak.

If any of you are interested, or want to check it out here's the web link

Check it out and enjoy! because it's truly great.

Peace out sucka!

Rain Boot Fiasco

Hello Boys and Squirrels

This week has been pretty eventful because the other day I woke up at nine in the morning to call into work and I heard the sound of rain, so I looked out my window and saw that it was pouring, ( i mean it had ripped of some palms from the palm tree next to my house, which is always a sign of intensity in my book) so I though to myself man, I need rainboots ( because I'm short)
Yeah short people have to cross lakes when it rains, unless were olympic pole vaulters, then we can just jump over that shiz. However I'm not an olympian and did not own a paddle boat with which to canoodle down the street in, so I thought the next best thing : RAINBOOTS!

I went down to my local target and saw a pair of rainboots and was like, "These will do, but I just want target employees to know that today they did not hit the bullseye with my purchase because I was looking for more varity of choices." Once I got the boots however I realize I would not be venturing out into the storm for the rest of the day. Then the next day when I woke up there was no rain, and I was angry because I had it on a very reliable source that it was suppose to rain alot in the next couple of days (Nobody listen to the weather forecasters they terrible people who spread there lies and make you believe that it will be raining when it won't be. Eff you weatherman! You can be expecting nasty letters from me in the future)

So today I woke up and it was dizzling and I was like, "Yes!" and I jumped up for joy and I threw on my $25 rain boots and then yelled, "Suck that mother nature". Except for as my morning progressed it got hotter and the rain stopped, and I realized one should never yell "Suck that" at mother nature because I probably ginxed myself (go me). However I look on the bright side, so while everyone was staring at me today and saying to themselves that I was weird for wearing rainboots when it wasn't raining. I was sending my own message that went something like this,

The message of this story was, "I'm not part of your system"

Peace out sucka!

Orange Juice Has Antioxidants to Protect You From Failure

This entire week I have felt depressed when I wake up in the morning. I don't think thats a good thing.

It feels like its been forever since I last time I posted but I know it has only been a few days. This past week I've had like a week straight of midterms and it was pretty intense. I feel pretty good about how I did on my exams, I studied hard! But other than that this week was full of FAIL. Somewhere between getting the radio show cancelled for the week because of power outages and locking myself out of my house, I was beginning to think life had it out for me. Even the fucking vending machines were consipring against me. Yesterday I hadn't eaten for like 6 hours and I went to get a bag of chips,put in my LAST DOLLAR and the bag GOT STUCK, and I couldn't get it ;_: I was sad.

Maybe I just need to change my diet and get back to the gym to feel better. Have some of this:

yeaaaaah! Juicy tits...Maybe that would make me happier if I was a guy, cuz you know how they are.

That took me forever to write out because Katie is here and she keeps singing 'Caitlin is blogging butt hole'.

Anyway, I heard this song the other day on a playlist I downloaded and I really like it. This isn't the official video for it, but it goes good with the song, kind of reminds me of summer. Which Im sure everyone wants to be thinking about now in the midst of the recent down pour we've been having.

This is not going to be a music blog, I swear. But hey if a tune catches my um, ear I hafta talk about it!

Sometimes I wish I was psychic. Then I could know what was up with certain people, you know? ON THAT SAME NOTE, Ashley, I do know! Just so you know, if you're a guy and you treat either me or Ashley badly,we will come find you and punch you in your man buisness. YOU KNOW!

Oh, Where the Wild Things Are comes out tomorrow ^_^ Super excited!!!!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

I laugh when babies cry

There are just some things that when they hit me, I laugh and no one else does. ( and I know your think, 'oh she's one of those people') let me tell you, 'yeah I'm one of those people, so eff you' (cause your one of those people who was born without a well rounded sense of humor. Your the person that when you enter a room people shake there head and whisper , 'eff there here!'. )
I like to laugh at people when they get hurt, but not like oh someone gets shot( thats not funny. Thats violence and I don't stand for that shizz) now if someone shot someone with on accident in like the foot, leg or butt region because there being an idiot, I will laugh because honestly thats funny. Does that make me a twisted person because I think violence can be funny? possibly, but thats what happens when the world is a sick and twisted place, you got to find humor somewhere.

I know the title of this says I laugh when babies cry, that is untrue. In case you were sitting there thinking, man this girl is a douche bag, it was just a title that made me laugh. See I laugh at the idea of laughing at babies when they cry but I don't actually laugh at babies when they cry. Confused? so am I. That was the point. Mission accomplished.

Anywho I actually just wanted to share some people that I find to be funny. Humor that is well-rounded.

Daniel Tosh, not only is he extremely good looking but he is funny. He's got the package deal (and that wasn't a dirty joke in case you thought I was refering to his 'package', that's just wrong. Get you head out of the gutter.)

Hot Pockets taste like crap! Seriously, its like someone thought one day, 'You know what people want to eat? crap rolled up into bread that you can heat up until it can give you third degree burns in your mouth' (Great Idea!)

That was for you Caitlin, you know why. (literally you do know why)

Peace out sucka!

Ultra Violence

Well, so far I feel like Im managing my intensive week of studying pretty well. Anyhoo, Im taking a break from all that to post.

So this weekend I stayed the night over at my friend Katie's house and I was trying to fall asleep, this show called Superjail! came on. It's part of the line up on Adult Swim. It was quite bizarre. It was one of those things where after it was over you think to yourself 'Wow, did I really just watch that?'.

The basic premise of the show is that there's this jail that exists inside a volcano. This Superjail is run by the Warden, who is kind of a like a sadistic Willy Wonka, who is always finding strange new things to do to the inmates, like wear bunny costumes or give them etiquette lessons. The beginning always consists of a gross character named Jackknife doing something bad and then being arrested and taken away to Superjail by Jailbot. There's also Alice, the very manly jail guard and Jarred, the Warden's accountant. Sometimes there is no plot, but generally in the end there's some climax where the inmates are all driven to extremely graphic, bloody, psychodelic violence.

See if you can stomach this:

Its so horribly wrong. Yet there's something that intreagues me. Or maybe its just that I have the hots for the Warden after seeing that episode.
I want him to be my boyfriend, we could run Superjail together!!! <3

I think something is wrong with me.

Oh! Tomorrow, Im doing a radio show with two of my friends on SSU's college radio KSUN from 4-6 pm. If you wanna listen in you can go to and listen in. We have important things to talk porn. Seriously, it will be a good time! We're on every Tuesday at the same time.

Anyway, back to the world of responsibilities. Back to hell, Satan is calling. Stole that line from Ashley!


p.s. Where the Wild Things Are comes out on Friday!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Should have been a comedian instead I'm working customer service

You know when your little and you think of all those things you want to be when you grow up. You know the whole: I want to be a princess. I want to be a Ninja. I want to be a astronaut. Your parents tell you, "honey, you can be anything you want to be." That's a lie. (eff you for crushing my dreams, by filling my head with your lies). There's like a zero percent chance I could ever grow up to be a ninja. People would laugh in my face if I happened to be a a dinner/ gala event and someone happened to ask me what I did for a living, and I said "oh I lurk in the shadows, and cut people with swords when they piss me off. yeah I know that sounds intense but that's my job." Yeah I don't think that is a dream people often fulfill. (but hey maybe there is some guy out there dress in a black suit, lurking in the shadows and throwing ninja stars a unsuspecting passerbys...I mean I'd probably say that's a serial killer, but hey maybe in your world your thinking, duh! that's a flippin' ninja!)

No, I think parents should promote dreams which we can attain. Next time a child says; "I'm going to be a Lion tamer" I'm going to look that kid in the eye and say, "Nae Tommy. Have you looked at your parent's. Yeah your not really coming from good crop. I hate to break it to you but I think the best you can hope for is being a 40 year old overweight bald guy who still lives at home in his parents basement. You'll probably way too obessed with star wars, play halo live with nine year old german boys who kick your butt, and your fingers with be stained orange from years of eatting cheetoes out of the bag because you were to dang lazy to put them in a bowl." Now that is a realistic dream. Something some can aspire to be. Tommy is the role model for real dreams, our American Dream.

See I always dreamed I could be a Comedian but I ended up just being person who is occasionally funny and has pretty good comments. Damn broken dreams!

Now I get to spend my days answering, "Do you work here?" ( Am I wearing the uniform Idiot? Do I have a name tag? You know what you caught. I put all this on just to fool you buddy and man did I get you good. I mean I had nothing better to do with my life then wait around for you just so I could pretend to work here) or asking people , "Can I help you find anything?" (how about a life? you look like you could use one). I think to work customer service you have to be a masochist, cause who in there right mind would subject themselves to that kind of pain everyday. I'm not exaggerating, just ask anyone who works in customer service, people are douche bags. (sorry but it's the truth)

Side note: has anyone ever noticed old people get away with pretty much everything? I mean dude they say or do something inapproriate and everyone just goes, "aww that's so sad, he's crazy" or "It's alright she's old". Oh yeah, why can't I get away with that kind of stuff, why can't people say , "Oh it's alright, she's young, she doesn't understand." Forget old people and those excuses, they know exactly what there doing, unless they're actually crazy in that case that excuse is totally cool.

Anywho the end of rambles!

Peace out sucka!


the real wild things

Right now Im taking a break from my hours of studying to make this post. I have three midterms coming this next week and Im not too excited for them.

I kind of feel icky today, Ive been getting over a nasty cough so my chest and lungs hurt, and my head hurts a bit too. Then I guess there's some other stuff going on too thats bringing me down a bit. I guess I'll just have to wait it out, its the only thing you can do when it comes to things that are out of your own control.

So anyway, yesterday I went to the San Francisco zoo to go see all the animals. It was fun! I love the zoo, I could spend all day there.

Here's a monkey, he was the alpha male in his tribe of lady monkeys.

Baboons have colorful butts.

I like the facial hair this little guy rocked.

I dont really know what was going on, but the penguins seemed to all be yelling at eachother. (click on it, its a video!)

Oh hello there, Mr. Grizzly Bear

Kanga-kangaroos! Actually I think the grey one is a wallaby (sp?)

AN OWL! He was intense, man. There were 3 other ones but since it was daytime they were all sleeping.

I made some new friends in the petting zoo. I think they only wanted me to buy them some food though.

Apparently Im also a male peacock.

So yeah, those are some of my favorites. There were lots of other animals of course, but how can you get animals to pose in order for a good picture to be taken? You could yell at them, but that might possibly end up like the situation about 2 years ago with the tiger at the SF zoo. Also, there was this little antelope thing called a dik-dik we really wanted to see. We found him off in the bushes eating but couldnt see him very well, so that was kind of sad. It was a small dik-dik. Lollerskates!

Anyway, back to studying and feeling like poo.