Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some 'Freaky' Shit

The other night I went to the annual 'Freaky Tales' Halloween dance party that the TKE fraternity puts on. Well. lets just say I have a lot to say about that experience.

So, originally the plan was for myself, Katie and Jenna to go together. However, before I could get my ticket for Jenna they sold out. But one of the frat boys told me I could go buy some tickets at the door if I got there at 9 because theyd have a couple hundred to sell. So I do just that, and I was also going to buy 2 more for two of Jenna's co-workers to come with us. I get there, and one of the guys tells me that they've sold out. I said 'well, do you know of anyone who has extras?' and he told me that yes, a few of them frat dudes had extras but they were selling them for at least 50 dollars. And I said, well Im buying three of them, so why can't you just sell them to me for the real price. This guys looks at me and says 'Well, I have some extras, but Im not going to sell them to you for any less than 50 bucks.'

Oh no he di'nt.

That ASSHOLE. Really? You're going to look me in the face and try to rip me off for a dance that isnt even worth the original ticket price? I guess this is why they invented frats though, so that douche bags can go have ruh-tard parties together. Seriously, I try not to judge frat guys, but this kind of just proved the stereotype of frat guys. Thanks TKE, way to fucking go.

So it was just me and Kaite. We got all cute and dressed up and went to dance. Overall it was fun and we danced a lot, got all hot and sweaty and molested by multiple boys trying to 'dance' with us. hahaha oh the curses of being a hottie. It felt kind of wrong being grinded on by some guy dressed like a priest. Nasty pervert. Of course the best part was seeing how everyone came dressed up. Oh girls, please, re evaluate what it means to be sexy, not slutty. Please.

But me and Katie were the best.

Anchors away!

Don't mess with navy sailorettes.

I even had a badass tattoo.

And this picture pretty much sums up mine and Katie's relationship

We have problems.

Anyway, that sums that up. I still need to find plans for next weekend. Hmm...

Time to go pick up the laundry!


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