Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Caitlin, aka 'Caterpillar' here,

Caterpillar is my new name according to my new friend James.

So basically KW came from the island to come visit me in my dorm. Who is KW you ask?


Her feet got cold so I let her use my socks

Untitled from Caitlin And Ashley on Vimeo.

No, those are not my feet, what? Come on.

By the way, I really want a vampire teddy bear, like a real one. One that I can keep in a cage and keep next to my bed and look at him as he hisses at me.


My housemates told me that if I ever got one of those cute little guys I should give them the heads up. Rata rata rata!

Speaking of rata rata rata, Jenna and I went to Target the other day and as we were walking out and crossing the street some fat old lady slow drove up to us a little too close and Jenna looked right at her and goes 'Rata rata rata!' So we laughed, and were getting in the car and go figure, the same old lady parks in the space next to us and totally mad dogs us. Then Jenna threatened to eat her. I told her she might have to share with me, cuz she was quite large. It was fun.

By the way, I think I have a new artistic endeavour coming my way. I'll keep ya'll posted.

-Caitlin Catalina Caterpillar

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