Monday, October 12, 2009

Ultra Violence

Well, so far I feel like Im managing my intensive week of studying pretty well. Anyhoo, Im taking a break from all that to post.

So this weekend I stayed the night over at my friend Katie's house and I was trying to fall asleep, this show called Superjail! came on. It's part of the line up on Adult Swim. It was quite bizarre. It was one of those things where after it was over you think to yourself 'Wow, did I really just watch that?'.

The basic premise of the show is that there's this jail that exists inside a volcano. This Superjail is run by the Warden, who is kind of a like a sadistic Willy Wonka, who is always finding strange new things to do to the inmates, like wear bunny costumes or give them etiquette lessons. The beginning always consists of a gross character named Jackknife doing something bad and then being arrested and taken away to Superjail by Jailbot. There's also Alice, the very manly jail guard and Jarred, the Warden's accountant. Sometimes there is no plot, but generally in the end there's some climax where the inmates are all driven to extremely graphic, bloody, psychodelic violence.

See if you can stomach this:

Its so horribly wrong. Yet there's something that intreagues me. Or maybe its just that I have the hots for the Warden after seeing that episode.
I want him to be my boyfriend, we could run Superjail together!!! <3

I think something is wrong with me.

Oh! Tomorrow, Im doing a radio show with two of my friends on SSU's college radio KSUN from 4-6 pm. If you wanna listen in you can go to and listen in. We have important things to talk porn. Seriously, it will be a good time! We're on every Tuesday at the same time.

Anyway, back to the world of responsibilities. Back to hell, Satan is calling. Stole that line from Ashley!


p.s. Where the Wild Things Are comes out on Friday!!

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