Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop Telephonin Me

Spring is here!


It was raining like crazy this week but, things are clearing up slowly and it supposed to be warm next week. I can already feel my reactions to the pollen slowly beginning

Damn flowers. By the way I give credit for those pix to whoever took them, I just found them on google *cough*

On a totally unrelated note...So you guys all know I hate Lady Gaga. But this video that a friend sent to me about a week ago might forever make mne enjoy her tunes. It also might make me want to try chat roulette. What is chat roulette you say? Its a chat website where you are randomly given another person to web cam chat with, and if you dont like them/get bored/get creeped out, you can click to get paired with someone else instantly, or the other person can do that to you. Somehow this guy managed to record his antics on chat roulette as well as his victim's expressions.

That guy is awesome. I'd hit that. Maybe. It pretty much made my week awesome.

So on another completely unrelated note, I give you this:

The reason why I posted it was because of something funny my room mate and coworker Jenna told me about that happened at work. Apparently some guy came in and asked if he could change the name on his Office Depot Rewards Card Account.

He said "Whoever put me in the system must have made a mistake."

Jenna said "Well okay, what's your real name?"


"And what did they put on your account?"


hahaha who gets the name Lee wrong? Its three letters. If someone confused my name for Ice and I was getting letters in the mail addressed to Ice Graham I think Id be cool with that.

Which sadly reminds me I have an uber pointless 3 hours work shift today. Thanks Office Depot.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dance Dance! glad this week is over. Last weekend I was a slave to this one psych paper and then when I brought it to class the teacher announced she was pushing the due date back a week. Well whatever, I have a little bit of free time before finals so bring it!

Anyway, I never thought I would say this, but lately I've been really obsessed with America's Best Dance Crew. Yes yes, I know the season is over but the other day mtv or vh1 or whatever the hell crap music station was playing the whole season and I thought it was pretty effing amazing. Especially the group Poreotix. They're amazing. And all so snuggly and cute.

WATCH (if you just want to get to the dance part fast forward to 1:03, that way you skip Mario Lopez's dimpled grin too)

hatcha cha! I love their backwards booty bumpin. lol what the hell...

hell yeeeeah asians!

owww I just wanna cuddle with you and your skunky looking hair!

Maybe I should switch up my game and start dating Asians.

Im not racist by the way.

But yeah I feel like Im loosing my hipster cred. BUT FEAR NOT, speaking of dancing and choreography

The xx can do now wrong. Definitley one of my newer favorite bands. Oh yeah and if you're dumb enough to think that every take in that video is just a repeat over and over again, you're a dumbass and get the hell outta here!

Oh and on another note about dancing, anyone here one of my fellow humanitarians from Windsor High? I was just thinking of mine and Karly's dance routine to Fall Out Boy's 'Dance Dance'. It was EPIK. Damn, I know someone had filmed it, I wish I would have gotten a copy of that, because this post would be all over that shit.

So I have a few days off of work, which is nice. I just love grouchy old people. Especially the ones that ask you stupid trivial questions like 'If I open this ink cartridge, and put it in my printer, but dont use it, how long do I have until it dries out?'

(Um let me ask you a similar question along the same lines. If I park my car in front of your house on an incline, but never drive the car, how long do I have before the brakes give out and it rolls down the incline and runs you over and crashes into your house?)

And then I say there really isn't any way of knowing for sure and she looks at me and goes 'Well is there anyone other than you working here that would know what they're talking about?'





ps, ashley has left the blog :( But, some new changes coming soon, methinks.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Another Day, Folks

Normally I don't like gory movies or slasher films, but I'm quite fond of this video

pretty badass. Nice job HEALTH.

So yeah, my spring break is over and I'm pretty sad. Life isn't too perfect for me right now. But hey, Im trying my best to keep my head above water. Only a few more weeks of school. After this week I think I'll feel better, Ive got some papers and a presentation to work on soooo life is kinda wearing on me.

But on a lighter note, I figured out how my parents deal with not having me around the house when Im away at school. They try to teach poor Pippin how to talk. Its kind of odd to see my parents staring at my dog saying over and over again "Say..MAMA!" and Pippin will make some grumbling noise in response. I think next time I go home I should make a video of that, I think that would be good, no?


There's Pippin looking all embarassed in his least favorite outfit. Poor baby, I miss him when Im here. HERE. Fuck you SSU.

Oh yeah and class registration is coming up again. MOTHAFUCKAAAAASSSSS!

Speaking of dogs, I saw this music video the other day...and I really dont understand why a band would make a video like this. I mean OMG so 'creative'! Hipsters, psh.

On a random kind of related note, the guy with the dark hair, beard and mustache (not the one with the sun glasses ew)and little mole on his cheek who sings kind of reminds me of this guy I dated last summer. The fact that hes having peanut butter rubbed on him and then licked off by puppies kind of makes me feel better about the fact that it didnt work out.

But I like that song anyway.

This is not a music blog, Caitlin! DAMN IT!!!



PS, my room mate says that my Honda isn't very 'hipster', Man, I fail.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Owls Will Find You While You Slumber

Dude...NO WAY


No way. A full length movie...ABOUT OWLS????!!!?! Dude, you don't understand how epic this is.

Yeah, in case you haven't figured out yet how awesome owls are from this blog...



(not my feet, wish they were)






Anyway, all OWLAWESOMENESS aside, I hope everyone had a nice Easter. It was raining here in Fresno :(

Oh yeah, this is a hella big gummy bear



Thursday, April 1, 2010




Except thats far from what I'll be doing. More like just enjoying some down time.

Sorry about the lack of blogging, life has been rather out of control lately. Lots of classes, new job, oh yeah and a new one of these:
Im pretty stoked for that. Even though its not like I drive anywhere cuz its not like I have a life outside of SSU campus. I'll use the excuse that Im trying to save the ozone.

By the way, thats not my actual car, thats just what came up when I googled the model. But thats what it looks like.

Anyways, lately I've been pretty obsessed with Neon Indian. Like I really can't get enough. I posted a little bit about them back in September I think.

Good beats, good tunes, and I want that shit on vinyl. Also I'm quite fond of their lead, Alan Palomo. I think he's haaawt. Don't argue with me.

that girl is stupid, tell her to get the fuck out of there.

But yeah, like I said Im really looking forward to taking this next week off. Take some well needed me time. Oh yeah, and I get to hang out with my highly attractive family. Here's a few of them:



brother jeffy

brother rene

nephew mitchie

some crazy uncle of mine, idk how his pic got in the mix

makes sense where I get all my good looks from right?

modern digital cameras are so much fun.

Im sure my family adores me.

Anyway, I swear Im going to start updating this blog more frequently. PROMISE!