Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Man its been a while since I've posted on the old bloggeroo. I've been busy with the holidays and what not. After wrapping up school, I came home, did some rapid Christmas shopping and then got a pretty nasty cold. Then of course it was off to Lemoore and Fresno for family and Christmas goodness. Anyway, it was a pretty good Christmas, here are the highlights of the holidays thus far:

-fantastic yummy yummy home made tamales.

-my mom saying to my brother's dog "I know you want to lick my meat but I won't let you" without realizing what she was really saying.

-my two cousins and I trying to learn the dance from Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' video.

-my new digital camera and other awesome gifts including tons of cool owl stuff like this ring:

-my mom suddenly going all spiritual on Christmas Eve and suggesting we should all sing songs to Jesus, and my uncle Gil suggested we sing 'Happy Birthday Jesus'

-the family gag gift exchange game which consisted of a President Obama commemorative plate, a snuggie, a dart blower, a neck exerciser amongst other goodies.

-My cousin Sean ending up with the Snuggie and his antics with it.

-this commercial:

-Overall Christmas awesomeness!

Humans haven't been the only ones having a good time this holiday season. Apparently the octopus population has been having some fun with all the coconut shells us humans have been leaving around on the beach

WTF THEY'RE USING TOOLS??? Man, I think Im about to go out and get an octopus tattoo so that when they take over the world (as they are on their way to doing) they might spare me.

More movies, music, and fun stuff coming to the blog now that Im home.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Drink Your Milkshake REDUX!!!!!

I had my archeaology final today, and pretty much I feel like after that Im in the home stretch. It was my hardest final, and now its all over and I feel pretty good about things. Now all I have left is my Spanish final and that should be a piece of cake!

So with my mind being on the holidays, we have some pretty good movies coming out soon, after all its almost awards season! One of which Im STOKED about is 'Nine'. Now normally Im not really that big into musicals, but this one has the same director as 'Chicago' which was pretty freaking amazing. BUT, what most compells me to this one is DANIEL DAY-LEWIS.

Nine from postadsgroup on Vimeo.

Daniel Day-Lewis is the man. For those of you who haven't seen There Will Be Blood (my favorite movie EVER), Gangs of New York or even The Last of the Mohicans, I highly suggest you do. He's an amazing actor, not to mention pretty good looking for an older dude. No but seriously, if you haven't gotten on to the 'I drink your milkshake' train, then something's wrong with you that needs to be fixed ormaybei'llsmashyourheadinwithabowlingpin.


haha crazy old man! Oh Daniel Day-Lewis.

For those of you less cultured or easier amused, here's something that somewhat relates to Nine. I give you...Rammstein vs. Cookie Monster

Get it?

I hope I brought you the lulz.

Im super exacited to get outta here!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

It just occured to me that the new year is almost here. That's just insane!

So anyway, life for me has basically been....ugh. I finally got a repairman out here to look at the haunted can opener, and he found out what it was. It was some hot water pipe that was on a timer to go off each morning around 5. So he said he'd change it to 6 pm instead. Well he MESSED UP because now it just goes off at 6 am instead. Yeah great. So I had to go yell and intimidate some people today.

Or maybe I was just ferociously trying to grab someones boobs. I dont know what is going on in this picture. Regardless, DONT MESS WITH ME!

And then I was already cranky and as I went outside there were some dipshits doing a demonstration against bottled water and wanted me to sign petitions. I said I was on my way to class and that I would sign after wards, but I just left Stevenson Hall the back way and avoided them like the black plague. Seriously, furloughs, budget cuts, shitty registration, not graduation on time, 30% and rising tuition...WHY do you think bottled water is even remotely important to me right now? Go home, hippies!

And then for second registration I just added two bullshit classes because nothing else I wanted/needed was open. FML. Gerontology...old people, great. The fact that the class I got into was only an 8 seater and I had no problem getting into it says a lot I think. And then I got a diversity in action class...what does that even mean? Well...we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, so in the process of not having enough sleep because of haunted can openers (damn cat zombies) and having a panic attack, my suitemate Jenna showed me this internet gem.

hahahah I dont know how many of you have seen that before, but I thought it was great. That girl thinks shes the shit, I think the best justification for that is in her quote "Im 18! Im not 16! Im not like, young, and like, stupid!" Obviously the 2 year difference isnt much of a difference at all.

"You could have been raped in the butt. IN THE BUTT!" haha best bro ever!

So to make this not a total Caitlin-bitch-about-everything post, here's some tunes to make yer life better! This is a song called 'Norway' by Beach House, a band I've been obsessing over after I managed to get my hands on their yet to be released album 'Teen Dream'. Recognize that chick's voice? She was the one who paired up with Grizzly Bear to do the song 'Slow Life' for the New Moon soundtrack.


Man, I have so much to do this weekend >_> Lots of studying and at some point I need to do some Christmas shopping. Man, one more week of school left, ONE WEEK! I can't believe it. What am I going to do with myself till February 1st?

I've been thinking about food while writing this entire post
MMM! Thank god, I'm starving!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey SSU Housing, theres a haunted can opener in my walls

God, Im so over school.

This is pretty much me right now

Man, only two more weeks of school before winter break, but I have soooo much to do in order to get ready for finals. I just got my study guide for archaeology...well I know what I'll be doing all weekend!

So in times like these it helps to have good sleep. I have not been getting good sleep. Remember the last time I posted I talked about how a can opener sound woke me up in the morning? WELL, that can opener noise has consistently woken me up every morning starting at 5 AM for the last 6 days. It doesnt happen just once, it goes on and off until 8 AM. I called maintenence because I figured out that its coming out of the electrical boxes in my closet. But I have yet to hear back from them. Naturally when I get woken up like that I get all freaked out and I start thinking about paranormal things.

Apparently Jenna heard a cat die the other night, and so we have a theory that it might actually be a cat zombie harassing me with a haunted can opener.
Thats what Jenna does while she's at work, by the way.

I really love cats though. I found this video to be quite entertaining


Apparently males are the same across all species. BASTARD!!!!!!

So0o0o0o someone said they were upset there were no new videos. This weekend at some point during my final studies madness maybe I'll make one of me doing something random. MAYBE.

Ugh, second registration tomorrow. I hate SSU. Wish me luck ;_:

ALSO today from 4-6 we have our radio show, listen to us at! Might be our last for the semester, so check us out!

Caitlin Catalina Caterpillar Cuddle Bear

Thursday, December 3, 2009

can I haz a break?

Man, this week has been INTENSE! I registered for classes, and even though I got what I needed for now, it was absolute hell. I'm not even going to go over what I had to deal with because Im tired of talking about it.

Then this morning my alarm didnt go off, AGAIN. So I woke up and looked at my phone and it was 7:51, I had class at 8. I dont know what woke me up, some weird noise in the dorm. It was like...a can opener...I dont know. Anyhoo, normally I would have been like 'well whatever, I wont go today.' BUT I was under the impression we were supposed to have a quiz in class today. No quiz. Ugh. Mornings always suck.


But animals always cheer me up!




hahahahaha YOU'RE FIRED!

Man, after this week only two more of school before Christmas break. Who is ready for some holiday cheer? I know I am! Mmmm tamales, presents...
lol Im the cat. the LOLCAT.

I'm also looking forward to the holidays so I can hang out with my familia. People of this nature (tilt your head to the left):

Sean's antics from Caitlin And Ashley on Vimeo.

Yep, I'm related to those kind of people. Makes sense, ey? Oh Sean my dear cousin, you're such a card.