Thursday, December 10, 2009

It just occured to me that the new year is almost here. That's just insane!

So anyway, life for me has basically been....ugh. I finally got a repairman out here to look at the haunted can opener, and he found out what it was. It was some hot water pipe that was on a timer to go off each morning around 5. So he said he'd change it to 6 pm instead. Well he MESSED UP because now it just goes off at 6 am instead. Yeah great. So I had to go yell and intimidate some people today.

Or maybe I was just ferociously trying to grab someones boobs. I dont know what is going on in this picture. Regardless, DONT MESS WITH ME!

And then I was already cranky and as I went outside there were some dipshits doing a demonstration against bottled water and wanted me to sign petitions. I said I was on my way to class and that I would sign after wards, but I just left Stevenson Hall the back way and avoided them like the black plague. Seriously, furloughs, budget cuts, shitty registration, not graduation on time, 30% and rising tuition...WHY do you think bottled water is even remotely important to me right now? Go home, hippies!

And then for second registration I just added two bullshit classes because nothing else I wanted/needed was open. FML. Gerontology...old people, great. The fact that the class I got into was only an 8 seater and I had no problem getting into it says a lot I think. And then I got a diversity in action class...what does that even mean? Well...we'll see how this goes.

Anyway, so in the process of not having enough sleep because of haunted can openers (damn cat zombies) and having a panic attack, my suitemate Jenna showed me this internet gem.

hahahah I dont know how many of you have seen that before, but I thought it was great. That girl thinks shes the shit, I think the best justification for that is in her quote "Im 18! Im not 16! Im not like, young, and like, stupid!" Obviously the 2 year difference isnt much of a difference at all.

"You could have been raped in the butt. IN THE BUTT!" haha best bro ever!

So to make this not a total Caitlin-bitch-about-everything post, here's some tunes to make yer life better! This is a song called 'Norway' by Beach House, a band I've been obsessing over after I managed to get my hands on their yet to be released album 'Teen Dream'. Recognize that chick's voice? She was the one who paired up with Grizzly Bear to do the song 'Slow Life' for the New Moon soundtrack.


Man, I have so much to do this weekend >_> Lots of studying and at some point I need to do some Christmas shopping. Man, one more week of school left, ONE WEEK! I can't believe it. What am I going to do with myself till February 1st?

I've been thinking about food while writing this entire post
MMM! Thank god, I'm starving!


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