Thursday, December 3, 2009

can I haz a break?

Man, this week has been INTENSE! I registered for classes, and even though I got what I needed for now, it was absolute hell. I'm not even going to go over what I had to deal with because Im tired of talking about it.

Then this morning my alarm didnt go off, AGAIN. So I woke up and looked at my phone and it was 7:51, I had class at 8. I dont know what woke me up, some weird noise in the dorm. It was like...a can opener...I dont know. Anyhoo, normally I would have been like 'well whatever, I wont go today.' BUT I was under the impression we were supposed to have a quiz in class today. No quiz. Ugh. Mornings always suck.


But animals always cheer me up!




hahahahaha YOU'RE FIRED!

Man, after this week only two more of school before Christmas break. Who is ready for some holiday cheer? I know I am! Mmmm tamales, presents...
lol Im the cat. the LOLCAT.

I'm also looking forward to the holidays so I can hang out with my familia. People of this nature (tilt your head to the left):

Sean's antics from Caitlin And Ashley on Vimeo.

Yep, I'm related to those kind of people. Makes sense, ey? Oh Sean my dear cousin, you're such a card.


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