Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey SSU Housing, theres a haunted can opener in my walls

God, Im so over school.

This is pretty much me right now

Man, only two more weeks of school before winter break, but I have soooo much to do in order to get ready for finals. I just got my study guide for archaeology...well I know what I'll be doing all weekend!

So in times like these it helps to have good sleep. I have not been getting good sleep. Remember the last time I posted I talked about how a can opener sound woke me up in the morning? WELL, that can opener noise has consistently woken me up every morning starting at 5 AM for the last 6 days. It doesnt happen just once, it goes on and off until 8 AM. I called maintenence because I figured out that its coming out of the electrical boxes in my closet. But I have yet to hear back from them. Naturally when I get woken up like that I get all freaked out and I start thinking about paranormal things.

Apparently Jenna heard a cat die the other night, and so we have a theory that it might actually be a cat zombie harassing me with a haunted can opener.
Thats what Jenna does while she's at work, by the way.

I really love cats though. I found this video to be quite entertaining


Apparently males are the same across all species. BASTARD!!!!!!

So0o0o0o someone said they were upset there were no new videos. This weekend at some point during my final studies madness maybe I'll make one of me doing something random. MAYBE.

Ugh, second registration tomorrow. I hate SSU. Wish me luck ;_:

ALSO today from 4-6 we have our radio show, listen to us at ksunradio.com! Might be our last for the semester, so check us out!

Caitlin Catalina Caterpillar Cuddle Bear

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