Saturday, November 28, 2009




Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Despite my ruh-tarded family, I can say that I had a really nice break away from school and what not. Now only three more weeks to go and I am free from school for a while for winter break. Im ready, but at the same time, living with my parents means being grilled about every bit of my whereabouts. Ugh. But I think I might start using the fact that Im now twenty-fucking-years-old to disobey for once. Either way, school stresses me out, and now that Im about to fight tooth and nail to register for my classes for next semester SO THAT I CAN GRADUATE ON TIME LIKE I'M SUPPOSED TO, my anxiety is at an all time high.

Anyways, nothing calms me down like good music. One of my favorite bands, Animal Collective recently released a new EP called Fall Be Kind, and its pretty legit. This song "What Would I Want? Sky" is one of my favorites. The song itself has samples from a Grateful Dead song. Pretty baddass.

Also, there seems to be a lot of really good movies coming out soon. One of which is 'The Lovely Bones', which is based on a novel by Alice Sebold. I was so taken by the preview that I've decided to start reading the book itself. It's devastatingly good. I suggest you all read the book, and then watch the movie when it comes out this holiday season!


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