Sunday, November 22, 2009

Think Before You Get Ink.

Hello all,

well fall is most definitley here. Its really cold out, the leaves are falling, Thanksgiving is just about here...oh yeah and my whole house smells like the pumpkin bread my mom has been baking all day.

Also, this past weekend was my birthday weekend. Im finally 20 years old, no longer a teen. I had a pretty good time this weekend with friends and family and, oh yeah, lots of shopping in San Francisco. All together that makes a pretty damn good birthday weekend.

So lets not mess around and get right on to this awesome blog-ish thing that I happen to find via Its like fail blog, but its all about tattoos. Bad tattoos. I could spend hours on this site browsing through the hysterical, the horrifying, the disgusting, and the overall poor judgement that people seem to have when adding a permanent modification to their body. Serously people, this shit is permanent. Just think about that.

Oh, just as a note, some of this is a bit NSFW (not safe for work)

Oh you have a daughter? Great. Your daughter is just a baby? Cute. Oh you got her portrait tattooed on you? Awesome. Oh, you're child is a flesh eating demon from the flames of hell? Not cool.

I dont care how fucking hipster you are, what the hell is up with your tattoo? If I was into a guy and then I found out he had kitties with yarn tattooed on his chest, that would be a major deal breaker.

Sure, everyone knows the keyboard cat. But why would I want to go look at an ugly tattoo of it on your...whatever part of the body that is...when I could go look it up on youtube?

Okay, so owl tattoos are cool. In fact if I were to ever get a tattoo Id want it to be of an owl because owls are AWSM. But this makes me kind of not want to. I dont really know where the concept for this would have come from. Ugliesttattoo suggested a possible attempt to merge Harry Potter nerds and porn. Not a great success if I do say so myself.

I know the economy is tough, but no, I don't want to insert anything in your slot.

I've saved the best for last, Ashley will love this one.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! For this, Im just going to quote what had to say about it: "Is this poorly executed? Or did someone walk into a tattoo parlor and say, “Give me Robert Pattinson, but make it look like he just got some bad Botox. No, I mean, like, really bad. Like so bad that it paralyzed the right side of his face. Also, give him MacGyver’s hair. Perfect.”"

Ugh. I think tattoos are really awesome, but come on people. Lets think before we get ink. If you wanna see more of those, go to

So on the note of Edward Cullen, Ashley and I went to the New Moon premiere. I have to say that after standing out in 47 degree weather for 3 hours, sitting down in the theater never felt so good. Seriously, I had never been so content. Ever.

As for the movie...well Im not a big fan of the 'Twilight Saga' to begin with. THE SOUNDTRACK WAS AWESOME THOUGH. A movie where the 'hot' guys sparkle in the sunlight isnt really for me. And I thought vampires like, died if they went into the sunlight? I dont know, maybe I missed something. Unless its Lee Pace sparkling, I do not want. Even the werewolf guy, Jacob started to irritate me. Its like 'Oh let me casually just take of my shirt here and show you my ripped abs.' Yeah. No. At least he cut his hair and didnt look emaciated like a certain other leading man. Sorry Ashley. However, I will say the action scenes were pretty legit.

Overall, it was good times.

Now who is ready for Thanksgiving feastings? I know I am.


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