Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vampire or Werewolf: The choice is yours

Caitlin and I went to the midnight showing of New Moon, and let's just say it was more then a little interesting.
The line outside the theater was intense, but what made it even more intense was that we had to wait outside for two hours in 47 degree weather. That's right, it was very cold, and they wouldn't let us inside (very inconsiderate of them).
The people in line were surprisingly normal... I didn't see a lot of people repping t-shirt or buttons or anything. I mean the weirdest people we met were these to crazy girls who asked if we would let them waiting line with us, and our mistake was saying yes. They were FREAKS! they talked to us like we had been there best friends or something (what are parents teaching there children these days? what ever happened to don't talk to strangers? Didn't they know Caitlin's a Stalker? lol :P)

The movie was everything I thought it would be and so much more. The acting was better, The action was spectacular, and It stayed true to the story. What more could I ask for? Oh wait I know, Lots of Shirtless men running around...CHECK! They covered it all.

Now to add a more serious note to this post.

I have been reflecting (and began this reflection with Caitlin in the car after the movie)
when it comes to boys they are either our Edward or our Jacob. Our Vampire or Our Werewolf. Our two Loves.

The Best Friend Love- Someone that you know won't ever let you down, the one who has always got your back through thick and thin. The Guy you know is perfect for you, but you're to scared to do anything about it because it could mess up everything you guys have if something were to go wrong and you'd rather have him in your life as your best friend forever then not in your life at all.

I like to call that Guy the one that's good for you but of course the catch is we never want whats good for us...nope we want the person whose heart matches ours beat for beat.

The Romeo Love- This is the one your heart weeps for, the one who makes you feel completely 100% real and alive, the one you would give your life for. He is your prince charming, your hearts protector and keeper. The one guy you would forsake all others for.

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic to look at life this way but I think it's true. This is how I see things play out so often in girl/guy relationships. Every girl wants a Romeo love ( whether that Romeo is a Jacob or Edward doesn't matter) Even if they never admit it, it's true.

That's why girls love twilight so much (the vampire and werewolf just make it fun) it's all about the Love story, and the Heartache because that's real life. We Can relate to the feelings of Loving and losing...

Can't wait for the next installment of this saga: Eclipse June 10th!

Young Love I Salute You
Broken Hearted People I Salute You

Peace out sucka

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