Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Another Day, Folks

Normally I don't like gory movies or slasher films, but I'm quite fond of this video

pretty badass. Nice job HEALTH.

So yeah, my spring break is over and I'm pretty sad. Life isn't too perfect for me right now. But hey, Im trying my best to keep my head above water. Only a few more weeks of school. After this week I think I'll feel better, Ive got some papers and a presentation to work on soooo life is kinda wearing on me.

But on a lighter note, I figured out how my parents deal with not having me around the house when Im away at school. They try to teach poor Pippin how to talk. Its kind of odd to see my parents staring at my dog saying over and over again "Say..MAMA!" and Pippin will make some grumbling noise in response. I think next time I go home I should make a video of that, I think that would be good, no?


There's Pippin looking all embarassed in his least favorite outfit. Poor baby, I miss him when Im here. HERE. Fuck you SSU.

Oh yeah and class registration is coming up again. MOTHAFUCKAAAAASSSSS!

Speaking of dogs, I saw this music video the other day...and I really dont understand why a band would make a video like this. I mean OMG so 'creative'! Hipsters, psh.

On a random kind of related note, the guy with the dark hair, beard and mustache (not the one with the sun glasses ew)and little mole on his cheek who sings kind of reminds me of this guy I dated last summer. The fact that hes having peanut butter rubbed on him and then licked off by puppies kind of makes me feel better about the fact that it didnt work out.

But I like that song anyway.

This is not a music blog, Caitlin! DAMN IT!!!



PS, my room mate says that my Honda isn't very 'hipster', Man, I fail.