Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop Telephonin Me

Spring is here!


It was raining like crazy this week but, things are clearing up slowly and it supposed to be warm next week. I can already feel my reactions to the pollen slowly beginning

Damn flowers. By the way I give credit for those pix to whoever took them, I just found them on google *cough*

On a totally unrelated note...So you guys all know I hate Lady Gaga. But this video that a friend sent to me about a week ago might forever make mne enjoy her tunes. It also might make me want to try chat roulette. What is chat roulette you say? Its a chat website where you are randomly given another person to web cam chat with, and if you dont like them/get bored/get creeped out, you can click to get paired with someone else instantly, or the other person can do that to you. Somehow this guy managed to record his antics on chat roulette as well as his victim's expressions.

That guy is awesome. I'd hit that. Maybe. It pretty much made my week awesome.

So on another completely unrelated note, I give you this:

The reason why I posted it was because of something funny my room mate and coworker Jenna told me about that happened at work. Apparently some guy came in and asked if he could change the name on his Office Depot Rewards Card Account.

He said "Whoever put me in the system must have made a mistake."

Jenna said "Well okay, what's your real name?"


"And what did they put on your account?"


hahaha who gets the name Lee wrong? Its three letters. If someone confused my name for Ice and I was getting letters in the mail addressed to Ice Graham I think Id be cool with that.

Which sadly reminds me I have an uber pointless 3 hours work shift today. Thanks Office Depot.


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