Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today Im not feelin so hot. I was sick last weekend and since then I've had a nasty cough. Now, every time I cough my head hurts. I guess I wouldn't be coughing if the weekend hadn't played out like it did.

THAT BEING SAID I think I need to let you all in on how my weekend was. So Thursday night I went to the movies with my friend Stephanie to go see this movie for her German class. The movie, of course, was in German, called 'The Baader Meinhof Complex'. From what I could tell (given the state that I was in) it was a very intense movie. Too bad there were subtitles because I really could not read them fast enough. Then I ate a hot dog and got really sleepy so I wasn't really focusing too hard on the subject matter. Oh, and I totally was convinced that everyone was looking at me.

Then the next night, I was in the same state of being, as was my house mate Jenna, we went to the movies to see 'The Invention of Lying', which was quite funny by the way. So we were on our way there and we were at a stoplight and according to Jenna the truck that took off next to us sounded like Optimus Prime. And it pretty much did.

Before our little adventure that night we had eaten at Olive Garden, and had bought dessert to go so we could eat it at the show. Well, us two sillies did not think to get forks or eating utensils of any sort to eat the cakes. So Jenna decides to ask the people at the concession counter if they had any plastic forks. I started laughing feeling very amused at the idea of having to eat with our hands or plastic straws. OH and I swear EVERYONE WAS LOOKING AT ME AGAIN! Long story short, they didnt have any plastic forks, so we had to eat our tiramisu and cheesecake using plastic straws as chop sticks (how much sense did that just make?). But it worked.

The next night was pretty much a repeat of the 'events' of the night before, except we went to Blockbuster to rent movies. That night for sure I caught people looking at me all suspiscious... Anyway they had a little section for 'Where the Wild Things Are', and I started to get all emotional when I saw this picture story book version of the movie, and they had a picture of Max leaving the island and all the Wild Things saying goodbye and Carol looking all sad :(


Seriously, how LEGIT is this movie going to be??? I can't wait to see it, it will probably make me cry! Someone needs to take me to go see it.

Pretty much the entire weekend was a whirlwind of things moving really slow and me not understanding what was going on. It was like THIS:

40's, Koily Kord Toons - Episode 3 from Guillermo Castillo on Vimeo.

It was pretty much exactly like that, except Im not a dude. That was by Guillermo Castillo by the way. So did any of that make sense to you? Probably not, but thats the whole point Im trying to convey. My whole reality last weekend did not make sense, and it was grand.

So yeah, this was the longest post ever but I just had to talk about my weekend.

Oh, Im going to the San Francisco zoo on Saturday, super excited to see some real wild things. Especially the OWLS!


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