Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As Seen on TV

A cult thats fun for a Boy and a Girl (and even your dog but if you have a cat throw that pussy out cause it's not welcome)

Ooh man, this is probably the best cult advertisement I've seen a long time (or ever...). If your looking to join a cult no longer do you have to worry about those creepy people who approach you on the street at night, and ask you if you'd like to come for a space ride on the Mother ship (cause really whose going to turn down a weekend flight around the universe? Not me.)But They always get you with the fine print don't they? They need to make sure that they clarify that the space ship won't come to take you away until after you drink the poisonous purple koolaid. Nope, no more of that trickery (or tom foolery, whichever you prefer). Now you can enjoy cult advertisement from the comfort of your home. No longer will your eternal soul be in jeopardy, because you can be a member for a check of $19.95 (and your man card). This is a cult that the whole family can enjoy. No more having to sacrifice your children for some guy with a inferiority complex. No more having to sleep with a man who thinks he's an alien from mars( having to worry whether your children will pop out of you like that one movie, yeah a scary thought I know. That's why you don't mess around with unprotected aliens). This is probably the best cult you could ever join, I mean look at how happy they are in there Jedi robe like blankets. Whoever thought of this was a genius, a blanket with sleeves, that makes you look like a complete retard, while at the same time keeping you completely warm, best idea Ever!! where do I sign up?

Join this cult today!(not available in all 50 states)

Peace out sucka

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