Saturday, October 10, 2009

In the spirit of disney

Don't we all enjoy disney? I know I do (but I'm probably biased since I work for them)
Anywho I'm bored and thought I would devote this post specifically to my love for disney.
I hope you enjoy it!!

Dancing with woodland creatures (a definite necessity)

Serenaded by a sexy stranger (Oh yes please!)

You think a girl would learn ( so do I, so do I...)

Yeah who wouldn't want to live in place where sea creatures jammed like that (Now thats a party!)

Definitely never had a friend like that (but boy do I wish)

I have no idea what there saying but man do they say it with style! (Circle of life, Fool!)

I don't have anything cool to say just that I love this song (why should I worry baby!)

Well peace out sucka!

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