Monday, October 12, 2009

I laugh when babies cry

There are just some things that when they hit me, I laugh and no one else does. ( and I know your think, 'oh she's one of those people') let me tell you, 'yeah I'm one of those people, so eff you' (cause your one of those people who was born without a well rounded sense of humor. Your the person that when you enter a room people shake there head and whisper , 'eff there here!'. )
I like to laugh at people when they get hurt, but not like oh someone gets shot( thats not funny. Thats violence and I don't stand for that shizz) now if someone shot someone with on accident in like the foot, leg or butt region because there being an idiot, I will laugh because honestly thats funny. Does that make me a twisted person because I think violence can be funny? possibly, but thats what happens when the world is a sick and twisted place, you got to find humor somewhere.

I know the title of this says I laugh when babies cry, that is untrue. In case you were sitting there thinking, man this girl is a douche bag, it was just a title that made me laugh. See I laugh at the idea of laughing at babies when they cry but I don't actually laugh at babies when they cry. Confused? so am I. That was the point. Mission accomplished.

Anywho I actually just wanted to share some people that I find to be funny. Humor that is well-rounded.

Daniel Tosh, not only is he extremely good looking but he is funny. He's got the package deal (and that wasn't a dirty joke in case you thought I was refering to his 'package', that's just wrong. Get you head out of the gutter.)

Hot Pockets taste like crap! Seriously, its like someone thought one day, 'You know what people want to eat? crap rolled up into bread that you can heat up until it can give you third degree burns in your mouth' (Great Idea!)

That was for you Caitlin, you know why. (literally you do know why)

Peace out sucka!

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