Monday, February 22, 2010

Vision in a World Without Spectacles

Im going to start this posting by asking if anyone knows why the hell 'curling' is considered a sport. An Olympic sport, none the less.

What the fuck is that? I feel like this is one of those sports that was created on some kind of whim out of boredom. Like some really bored dudes in Canada or Iceland who worked at a meat packing plant decided to throw frozen turkeys down a long hallway and then use brooms to make them move where they wanted to. Seriously I dont even understand how the game works, let alone how it is a game. In fact I didnt even know that Scotland had their own Olympic team. But hey man, I like your accent.

Anyway, this weekend pretty much drove me crazy. So much so that I came up with a new way to see the world. I give you cupcake goggles:

eventually I got tired of having to hold them so I created this contraption


I call this a very pretentious look. Because I think Im really cool.

Yep. pretty much sums up my weekend.

Oh and here's a cool French song someone showed me. The video is pretty sweet too. I like their lead singer, he looks crazy. Also the fact that they have an accordion player in their band who happens to be a girl.

Im not looking forward to this week for some reason. I think the magical newness of school has finally run out. Ugh.


PS I heard there might be new episodes of Superjail! on Adult Swim coming soon!!!

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