Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confessions of Ashley the shopaholic: Welcome to my closet

Looking to waste time? Well your not the only one.
Thats what makes this blog so great. You get to waste time reading it and I get to waste time writing it. Mission accomplished.

I think that I need to admit to something. I hate doing laundry, and I'm a shopaholic! and when you put those to things together it's a terrible combination. See this is what happens...I'm running low on apparel because they need to be washed, so what I do is go out and buy more clothes to make up for the ones that are missing in my closet and to put off doing laundry for one more day. Yeah thats pretty ruhtarded (worthy of a star, don't you think Caitlin?) Plus, not having clothes is usually what I use to justify my addiction to fashion, and spending money. I feel like that girl on that one movie, where she walks by all those shop windows and those mannequins start like talking to her, and crap. ( and I'm not on drugs). It's probably all those colors, patterns and cuts. There so beautiful. and don't get me started on all those scarfs (gosh I love scarfs) and those bangle bracelets, dangly earrings, sunglasses. (definitely own like 5 pairs).

I mean I must have at least 20 pairs of shoes (and that is not an exaggeration)
I have to have at least a a half rack in my closet just of my sweater (aka coats and jackets, whatever you want to call them)
Don't even get me started on how many formal dresses I own, that I probably will never wear (but there so pretty, when I look in my closet it's like a fairytale)

yes, I have a problem. A serious one.

I love clothes! I love buying them, shopping for them (helping other people shop for them) I have definitely encouraged other people to give into there shopping desires (and that sounded dirty, but it wasn't so get you mind out of the gutter). I can't help myself. I don't really want to help myself. I just want to enjoy my little addiction! (but I wanted to come out of the closet with it...haha that's kind of funny to say know...clothes...closet...)

Well peace out sucka

I'm off to shop till I drop!

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