Saturday, September 26, 2009

Say say my playmate

So here I am, my first solo post sans Ashley Del Taco Bell. I meant to post yesterday after I got back from the movies but my housemate Jenna and I ended up movie hopping (you know, two movies for the price of one >_>) and didnt get home till 11 then we watched another movie here.

Right now Im on hold with HP (not Harry Potter, HP technology computer people) trying to get some answers on what to do about my lap top. Apparently my model of laptop that I own had a recall on it because of the exact problem Im having. Basically the computer doesnt know if its in sleep mode or not. Sounds like me when Im in class on some days. I have to say I love the music they choose to play while you're on hold. It attempts to keep you calm even during times like these when you have ZERO access to the computer that basically has your entire life on it.

When Ashley was over a few nights ago I finally saw.....Twilight. Yes. I know. I resisted for so long. But I have to admit I thought it was pretty good and I actually liked it. I want to see the next one because it has werewolves (uh is that how you spell that?) and we all know, werewolves are better than vampires hands down. TV on the Radio makes this clear.

TV On The Radio - WOLF LIKE ME from jamaal parham on Vimeo.

So yeah, then yesterday I saw "Love Happens" and "Surrogates". Thank god Jenna brought tissues, Love Happens had me tearing up a few times. Once we got home, I FINALLY saw "The Boondock Saints". Id been hearing about that movie for years but I finally got around to seeing it, and it was awesome.

Okay, so Ive been on hold for half an hour now. Maybe HP's website was made by a bunch of liars and they aren't open 24/7. Damn it!!!!!

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