Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everyone is fond of owls

I decided to be a slacker and not go to my archaeology class today. I kind of woke up on the wrong foot this morning, seeing as I had class at 8 and didnt wake up till 7:36. Which if you're a girl like me, that is NOT enough time to get stuff done. Plus I didnt get to eat anything so my stomach was eating itself. Also I came home from that class just feeling mad at everyone in the world.

But anyways, my friend Katie is over so I decided to be a slacker and not go to my next class. I decided this when she grabbed one of my shoes and used it as a maraca, and shook it everywhere.

So Im going to use this post to talk about how much I love owls. I mean really, what kind of animal is better than an owl? (Katie says 'sloth, DUH')They're pretty, and fierce, and out at night, and they're super smart. Not to mention you can draw them really cool. This is an owl I drew:


I drew that kind of a while ago while I was vacationing in So Cal in July. We were at Pismo Beach and I was trying to avoid being runned over by quads and dirt bikes, so I just stayed in our sand filled trailer drawing stuff. I would post some more recent drawings but since my laptop is broken I cant! Anyways, I think if I ever got a tattoo I would totally get it of an owl, and Id wanna design it myself.

But in conclusion, owls are just awesome.


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