Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to our first post!

So ladies and gents, this is our first post! Hence the lack of other posts.....

We will be adding videos, pictures, links etc, about whatever the hell we want in the posts to come. Some of them we will post together, others by ourselves. But this blog belongs to both of us, and by us I mean Ashley Bell and Caitlin Graham if you were too lazy to read any of our info. Which you should read (because its slightly good, I mean its alright, its chill) Oh and any time there is a parenthesis, that generally means Ashley is interjecting a point. Point made.

Long story short, Caitlin's laptop with all the goods for this blog on it, decided to be a bitch and die. SO the goods will come, we're gonna post a video with us just...talking about random things, that might interest you or that might not. But we don't care, because this isnt about you, its about us.

So thats about it for now, we're both really excited!

- Caitlin & Ashley

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