Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, it's gonna work out

It seems as though all our company has left the Graham residence for a little bit. The house is oddly quiet and I think it has finally hit me that the holidays are actually over. Which is...rather depressing. But HEY, I've had some good times these past few days.

Yesterday I went with my familia to San Francisco, a.k.a. The Greatest City in the Whole Fucking United States (lulz, my opinion is always the best, don't question me). My brother insisted on being our 'Chinese Tour Guide' as we drove around the city. Im not going to go into details of what that consisted of. I had a grand old time walking around Haight St. seeing all the crazies that never left the 60's behind, or at least didnt survive them. There was one fellow who had a hammer, and whenever the traffic was clear he'd go to the middle of the road and start beating the asphalt with a hammer. My sister in law Gabby said that was one of the oddest things she'd seen all day. Likewise Gabby, likewise.

Oh yeah, then there were all the hipsters.
hah, I have a zip up hoodie like that. I have it in red and in black, both with white draw strings. Im so effing cool, mang.

Of course while I was on Haight Street I paid Amoeba Music a visit. I love that store! Its like isles and isles of musical goodies! I bought M83's Saturday=Youth, which I'd been wanting to get forever, as well as 23 by Blonde Redhead.

I also began my vinyl collection. I decided to get The Velvet Underground and Nico LP, because I mean hey, everyone needs that album. Not to mention Andy Warhol produced it. Also, I bought a 45 of Mayer Hawthorne's 'Just Ain't Gonna Work Out'. I decided to buy that vinyl because A) that song is legit as hell, and B)the record itself is shaped like a heart, just like in the video.

The first time I heard that songs was about a year ago, but I had forgotten about it until a while ago. In case you haven't hopped on the awesomeness bandwagon yet, here's the video:


Came in a clear casing

Mmm, yeah I'm cool. I need to save up to buy a player now.

In other news...

HEY! Remember what I posted a while back about the octopi (since I guess 'octopusses' is grammatically incorrect and also sounds kind of gross) being all smart and shit?
WHAT DID I TELL YOU!! Don't fuck with them, man.

I found that at a site called Oddly Specific. If you're a fan of Fail Blog and similar sites, you'll like Basically it focuses on signs that are, well...oddly specific.
Damn, don't mess with nature, It will fight back!!

HAHAHAHAHAH! I think if you decide to engage in 'hooking', having your car taken away might be the least of your problems. Think about that.

I just found out that my cousin Sean and his mommy are coming to visit this week! Looks like I'll have some more funsies!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves so far in the New Year. I know Pippin is.


ps-where has Ashley gone??

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