Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow looks like powder sugar, but it sure don't taste like it

hello my technological children

I understand Many of you may feel neglected since you've only been getting love from one of your blog parents *cough, cough* CAITLIN *cough, cough* Well I'll just be honest and say if you thought I liked you, your retarded. I'm a terrible parent and will continue to be, so HAH!

Anyway I have taken off to the otherside of America to enjoy the vacation state. Which state is that you may ask? well, my children, it's Maine of course.

I arrived at my destination chipper and ready for a wonderful week, but soon realized that I hadn't considered one factor: the snow. Now I've been to the snow and I've played in the snow and had a great time, but I was always able to go back home to the sun and warmth, where it was dry. Well not only did was there snow but for the last couple of days I've been trapped inside because of a snow storm. All together I think we got about 20 inches of snow. THATS A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF SNOW! (in case you don't understand)

I also didn't realize how crazy the time difference would be. I think I haven't had a normal sleeping schedule since I got here. I normally go to sleep around 8 in the morning, thats when everyone else here is getting up.

All in all its been a really great trip. I got to see my lovely family so I'm thankful. I leave tomorrow to return home and I'm sort of sad to be leaving but extremely happy to get away from all this effing snow!!!

p.s- Caitlin has had a much more exciting chirstmas vacation then me so don't hate.

peace out sucka

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