Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it seems as though we've come to a new year. I can't believe 2009 is over with. While the fact that time has gone by so fast is kind of scary to me, I am kind of happy its over. 2009 was kind of a gnarly year for me in many ways. But on the bright side, I did learn a lot and made some awesome new friends. Lets see what 2010 brings us!

During all this reminiscing, I was thinking about where I was exactly a year ago. It was kind of...meh. Well, I was kinda a mess. But this year although things aren't perfect, I've come a ways.

Every time I hear this song, See the Light by The Hours it really reminds me of last year. Plus, I think the video is pretty rad too. Mental people, psychosis, crucified kind of video and the song is nice too.

So recently I've been thinking of starting to collect vinyls of my favorite musicians. In part its because I feel guilty for all the not-so-legal downloading I've been doing, and I figure I might as well make up for that. But on the other hand, a lot of my favorite bands have some pretty legit album art. So hey, frame it and put that shizzy on a wall! I want to get a vinyl from this band, Blonde Redhead, one of my favorites as of this summer. This song '23' also reminds me distinclty of this time a year ago.

Ahh, how I love good music.

So how was everyone's New Years? Mine was pretty chill, didn't really do anything except watch my parents get rediculously drunk. At one point my mom said out loud that New Jersey was in New York. I don't have many friends around Sonoma County, most of my school friends from school are out of towners. So that explains my lack of partying. *sigh* BUT I am going to LA towards the end of January to visit my buddy and awesome housemate Jenna. Im pretty freakin' stoked.

Also, since this is going to be an extra long break for me, I plan on going a lil crazy with my artsy things. I need to get ready for my intro to art therapy class coming this spring. My good friend Alexander sent me this ruhtarded cupcake as an artsy gift

Yesss Im feelin all the creative vibes coming back to me. Im pretty happy for that, I'll post my creations as they come.

I'm trying to think of if I really made any New Years resolutions this year. At one point I think I told myself that I would make the effort to make myself better at everything I do. I need to expand my horizons, get some ganas so to speak. I'm not very good at keeping new years resolutions in the past I've had:
-to be more creative (that was the laziest year of my life)
-to lose weight (I finally did like, 2 years later but HEY I DID IT!)
-to stop picking at my nails (I kind of kept this one...kind of. I swear, once you start habits like that, its like meth. Fucking damn near impossible to stop. Every now and then I have relapses and rip all my nail polish or nails off.)
-to be a more optimistic person (this was last year and it didnt work, 2009 sucked balls in general for me)

Sooooo, we'll see how I do this year.

My aunt made and sent my mom this video
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That includes my brother, two of my cousins, my uncle and my dad. My dad is the dude with the hat and the glasses.

All I have to say is that I have one sexy family.

More postings will be coming to the blog soon with lots of funsies.

Anyway, out with 2009, in with 2010. Thank you to all my friends and family for staying at my side, and lets make 2010 rock!!!!


p.s. I saw Avatar today. If you haven't already, DO IT NOW.

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