Sunday, January 10, 2010

Owls in the Navy

Yet some more down time amidst the winter break. I had a nice visit with my cousin and my aunty.

On Friday we went to San Franny and froze our asses off around Fisherman's Warf. It was good times though, walked around a bit, went into some art museums, had hot coco and ate these huge amazing cookies. I wanted to go see the Maurice Sendak exhibition over at the Jewish Contemporary Museum, but NO ONE ELSE wanted to. But none the less, it was fun times. Here are the high lights of the trip:
-mmm, cookies the size of scones at Ghirardelli Square.

-me acting like I was going to kick Sean in the crotch, but my pretend turned into a not so pretend when my shoe went flying off into his crotch.

-Auntie Lou giving her best impersonation of how a penguin with cerebral palsy walks...oh wait, thats just how she walks normally.

-My mom accusing my cousin Sean of looking at the Hooter's girls. Those of you who know Sean will know why that is particularly funny.

-My awesome new hat I bought

God I look like crap today. Oh well, I had to take all the ornaments off the tree today, and I got attacked by every ornament hook on the whole effing tree. But whatever, I have a cool owl hat right?


But other than that, life has been pretty relaxed. Yesterday I went to church with my parents and I made the realization that my mom is capable of making a totally appropriate (or HOLY for that matter) situation or conversation, into an inappropriate one. After taking communion, I noted that the priest had given me a particularly large and odd shape of communion bread. It was rather cumbersome to get it into my mouth (thats what she said). I noted to my mom "I could hardly fit it all in my mouth at once," yet another 'thats what she said' moment. But my mom one upped me by saying 'HIM in your mouth.'Now, I know the 'him' reference was implying that communion bread is representative of the body of Christ and what not, but god, really mom? It made me think about the time I had some dental work done and the whole right side of my mouth and my entire tongue were numb, and slurred over the phone to my mom 'yeah I could hardly feel his equipment in my mouth."


Alright enough of that.

A friend of mine showed me this video the other day, I think this girl is hilarious!

She has many more videos like that, she does whore make up, ganguro make up, kate gosselin make up, hell she even does Avatar makeup. Check out her other vids, you wont be disappointed!

Anyway, in other Im so fucking cool news, Animal Collective has a new video out for their song Brother Sport. So Im going to stop talking now because you need to watch it, its Animal Collective for christ's sake!!