Saturday, January 23, 2010

Greetings From Los Angeles (finally)!

Hello and welcome to my first ever post from LA!

God, for a while I wasn't even sure if Id make it here. On thursday I was supposed to fly out at 11:55 AM, and then my flight got cancelled. As angry as that made me, it was only the beginning of my problems. I found out that since I had booked with Orbitz, once my flight was cancelled they would automatically book me for a later flight. Unfortunetly, that flight wasn't till 6:45. So in desperation I waitlisted every flight until then with no avail. With the horrendous weather conditions, almost every single flight down to southern California was being cancelled. I was stuck at SFO for hours and hours. I felt like Tom Hanks in that movie 'Terminal', did anyone see that?

I kept tabs with Jenna, my parents and my brother to keep me from getting too bored. My dad asked if any creepers had come to bother me yet. But people left me alone. This was probably because for the most part while I was at the airport I was sitting off by myself with my hood over my head with tears in my eyes. Jenna suggested I make a fort out of the airport seats, or to pretend like I was a CIA agent. While that all sounded fun, I came to the comclusion that people might report me on 'suspicious behavior' and throw me out of the airport. So I decided to just sit and remain calm eating my 6 dollar stale airport bagel.

FINALLY my 6:45 flight came around and we borded! THEN we were stuck sitting on the plane for a good hour and a half because something was wrong with the water pressure. WHY? But once we were in the air, things were alright despite the constant turbulence and flying through a thunder cloud.


^ Thats how I felt...

Anyway, the good thing is that Im here now and very very happy! Jenna and I have been having a dandy ol' time together. Plus Ive found that once Im out of my environment and get a change of scenery I am very happy with things and content with myself. Maybe thats a sign that I just need to push things through at SSU and get it over with so I can get a breath of fresh air!

Anyway, to make this not a text only blog (because those are LAME!) here's a song I downloaded not too long ago by a band called 'The Knife'. I like it because its very different than anything Ive ever heard, really. Its 11 minutes long, has some opera bits, and was inspired by Charles Darwin. What does that all mean? Epic, thats what.

"Colouring of Pigeons" by The Knife

That song kept me pretty calm through the flight!

You know, after paying Target a few visits recently, I have become aware that Valentines Day is coming up. How could I ignore the fact when theres pink, red and purple everywhere? I think thats a holiday that should be cancelled. I dont know, Im just saying.

haha just kidding of course, Im not that emo about being single during Valentines Day. Well, I guess you'll find out. Depends on if I kill some people on February 14th or not.

Just kidding again!


OR AM I??????


ps, might not post that much while Im here in LA, Im a very busy girl!

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