Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poke Your Face



So my cousin Seaniqua (Sean) is here. We're uppin the power bill here in my family's computer room by watching TV, and both using lap tops AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about family bonding time.

So I came across this video shortly after New Year's. Its a video of my FAVORITE(not) pop singer Lady Gaga. For those of you who dont want to waste your time, fast forward to around the 1:00 point.

Apparently a fan got a little too enthusiastic and chucked the flowers at her head. If I was there I woulda thrown them a tad bit harder. Just a tad. Then if security tried to screw with me Id be like HEY I WAS JUST TRYING TO GIVE HER SOME FLOWERS.

I love how when you google 'Lady Gaga', a good amount of pictures that come up are either zoom in of her crotch or her striking some raunchy dance move with her legs all spread because everyone is obsessed with finding out if she has a penis or not.
Yeah, classy!

Now I know what you all are thinking 'Oh Caitlin, you just hate Gaga because she's mainstream and you're some indie hipster elitist biotch blah blah.' Not true. I dont like her because first off, I don't like her crap music, because, I don't. Its not my cup of tea. Secondly, she's a big fat poser, who prides herself on being so different and innovative, and so 'not like anyone else'. Well you know, if she really was that original and cutting edge, her music would not sound like EVERYTHING ELSE OUT THERE. You can just tell she's trying so hard all the time. She's full of crap.

I know it probably sounds like Im trying to insult people, but Im not trying to insult your tastes, because I know that there are people who genuinley like her music. But if you want to fight me about her 'originality', bring it. You won't win. Trust me.

I dont know, Im not a prude or anything but Im kind of getting tired of artists who 'express their sexuality' so blatantly. Its like, I understand you, Lady Gaga. You're proud of your sexuality, but please stop bluffin with your muffin. Im worried for your well being.

HAHAHAHA sorry, I know that was random. But was anyone else inclined to think of sexual things when they watched that? I don't know, Im just a pervert.

Anyhow, Im looking forawrd to spending these next few days with my cousin. We're major 'tards, and thats without drugs.

-Caitlin Catalina

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