Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ruffle These Feathers

So basically I'm at the Starbucks across the street from my apartment complex because my internet blows so hard I need to go places with free wifi to get any buisness done. So I figured while I was here I'd do a quick post.

Anyway, I've come back to some of my crativity lately,mostly just junk that has been in my mind, that I finally put on paper. More recently its been all about geometric shapes. Here's the two I have to start. Oh be warned, I don't think I really wanted them to turn out good, they just had to be done. So if you think they suck, they probably do. I call the series 'Depressed Geometry".



Believe it or not, they do have meaning. They say something. For me anyway. Stupid exposure crappyness. Cosmo is taking the one of the single cube. One day when Im famous and the SFMOMA is featuring my collection, he'll have something thats worth millions. Im going to make more like those, maybe experiment with some pyramids.

Anyhoo, since I feel awkward just sitting here at Starbucks, I'm going to leave you all with two songs, both of which have amazing videos.

I think this one is so beautiful.

Oh yeah, and on a kind of related note, I finally got a sound system for my turntable. I've been enjoying it a lot.

Anyway, I guess I'll go home now. More from me within this next week.


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