Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fruits of My Efforts

I want to start this post by saying that this song makes me feel moist and gooey in the most wonderful way.

CREEP feat. Nina Sky- "You"

ahhh so smooth. It's like the seductive side of drag/witch house.

Anyhoo. I've been so very busy lately. It seems like all of my classes this semester decided to have all the final projects due like two weeks before actual finals week, so I'm in smooth sailing mode as of now. I managed to complete a 17 page case study paper, a group presentation and my second body portrait.

Yes, it is like the one I did last year, except different. I feel I have come into a different being since last year. And when the opportunity came up in the art therapy class that I TA for the body portrait, I knew I was ready to embark on that creative journey again.

Here's basically what I started with:

And what I ended with:

close up of the top

Mid section. I made that little heart in the middle of the box completely from scratch with paper mache, no mold or anything. Super proud.

Lower half. Flowers and the vine made out of tissue paper that I messed around with.

Im sooo happy with how it turned out. Actually the night before I had to turn it in, I seriously considered emailing my teacher and telling her I wasn't able to do it because I thought I hated the end result. But in the morning when I woke up, I saw her in the reflection of my mirror, and realized that she was exactly what I needed her to be, and that I loved her. Oh yeah, she's called Athena Madonna.

As always, good art requires good music. Art always makes me lose my mind a little bit, so Im glad I found Gang Gang Dance when I did.

If that video is a bit too much to handle, at least go to the 3:22 part where they go straight from Indian pop inspired music into full on crunk. One of the comments on the youtube video says that this song sounds like if Daddy Yankee did the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, and I feel that's pretty accurate. Its pretty legit. I love how spellcheck on here says that crunk isn't a real word.

Also, someone else on youtube commented that if someone listens to this song while having sex they will turn into a dragon. I don't know, I just wanted to pay homage to that.

I also started to listen to James Blake recently. He's like the soul man of dub step. If you can't wrap your mind around that (because dub step has no soul *coughguiltypleasureofminecough*) just watch the damn video.

Ahhhh that voice makes me shake.

Also, Im incredibly moody, so I needed some moody music to go with my creating. Joy Division, New Dawn Fades. Need I say more? This song shakes me to my core. This is what excellent song writing comes down to.

Anyway, life is good. Graduation is only about a week and a half away AND MY BFF/WIFE FROM SO CAL JENNA IS COMING TO VISIT!!

ohhhh life.

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