Thursday, March 31, 2011


So yeah I've been MIA for quite some time. To make a long story short, the end of February and most of March has been one big shit fest. Ranging from admin. and records at SSU trying to screw with my graduation, personal/family issues and a massive mandala project that I turned in and presented this last Tuesday.

But alas, amidst all the stress I have made it out alive. And although parts of it were really low and painful, some beautiful things blossomed. That being said, I really want to share with everyone my mandala project.

Honey Bees/Transition
honey bees

Garden of Eden
garden of eden

Cosmic Universe

Virgin Mary
virgin mary

Dream Owl

An Altered Consciousness


Black Hole
black hole


Spiritual Unison
star of david

Im really proud of what I was able to accomplish with those :) They all mean something different to me, and there are some aspects to them that I do not yet understand. Some day!

So a while back I also said that I would post some of my recent art workings, but turns out my scanner wants to be a pooper and not connect to my computer!! So here's a few more things:


sun and egg

spirit animal

The next four represent the four alchemical states of transformation highlighted by one color for each stage.

death black

female white

(my faaaaav)
enlightenment gold

veseca picis

So yeah, all that is Caitlin and what she does.

So what else is new? Dunno, lots of musics.

Lykke Li is so damn hot. I wish a was as ballsy as she is. Her latest album "Wounded Rhymes" is fabulous.

Umm does her outfit come adorned with little claws on her woman parts? FIERCE!!!!

DFA 1979 is back together! I forgot how amazingly loud they are. This takes me waaaay back. Here's a video of their recent reunion show at SXSW because lame ass youtube as disabled embedding on the official video which you can still find here:

I know Im kind of late on catchin on to Fever Ray, but Cosmo introduced me to these tunes and I've been obsessivley listening to her ever since.

This song makes me feel gross everywhere, sort of like Im covered in my own puke. But I like it! Its like a trip through a funky junk yard!


Say what you want about his moves, he's still more boss than you'll ever be. Oh yeah and he's wearing an awesome hat.

Anyway. Thats been my life for the past month or so. I've been sort of under the radar on some respects, on the fringe. At times I felt my existence to be a bit like this:

But as I expressed in my Garden of Eden mandala, sometimes stuff happens thats beyond control. And in times like those sometimes paradise has to be lost in order for it to be found again. To everyone who knows whats been going on and who helped me through my rough patch, thank you.

xoxo Caitlin

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