Thursday, November 11, 2010

There's Nosaj Thing

What the hell man.

Why am I getting post updates from some chick's blog who isnt following me and Im not following hers? DID I GET HAXXED???

Try to mess with me?

I'll beat your ass.

Anyway, Less Violent Caitlin has been on a rather philosophical journey lately.I find myself pondering a lot about now and the future. Perhaps thats why I havent been posting a lot lately, so please forgive me. Along with that I've been pushing more boundaries of my creativity. I've also found some music that goes along with my trance like creative states. Nosaj Thing is a recent discovery of mine. This guy has some amazing music videos.

This video is so lovely and beautiful and wonderful. Watching it makes me feel alright about things.

This video on the other hand makes me feel rather hungry in the most primal sense. That beat takes you on a trip, no?

Well I was going to post this article I found on yahoo but they changed it out already


Anyway, my birthday is a week from Saturday....IM GOING TO BE OLLLLLLD!!! I kind of just want to get it over with. Im more excited for Christmas!!!!

I want...a Holga (cuz Im a hipster)

Ta Dah!

aaaaaand a cool leopard print jacket like this! (minus the lame looking belt)

Why am I thinking so far ahead?

Im just so exciteddddddd!!!

Im tired.


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