Sunday, January 23, 2011

Babushka Baby




(Get it? Babushka + cups)


Picked up these guys at Borders today with the gift card that Sean gave me. I looove them, they're so adorable.

I was also able to get a photo album to use for when I get my Diana film developed. Hopefully I can get to that this coming week! So excited!

Man, it has been so sunny and nice lately. It doesn't quite feel like spring to me, but rather more like a late summer appearing in January. Kind of hazy. Makes me sooo addicted to this song as of late:

Weird video, dog grooming and graphic female nudity (yeah, I bet that made you watch it) But...the song is awesome.

Speaking of music, today on my way to Windsor to visit my parents, I decided to stop by The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa to see if I could find anything interesting. It was a nice visit, but kind of pointless since I dont have a ton of extra money right now. Anyhoo, this homeless guy outside asked me if I had any money to spare. I did not, I felt bad but I wasn't carrying any cash on me. He replied "Oh, thats alright, I understand, dont worry, dont worry, I love you! I love you!"

If only everyone was so nice. I felt like a bitch though. No cash to give the poor guy.

So I basically just have one more week of winter break, then its back to school! Im actually pretty excited to begin. My classes are going to be good I think :) Plus, I got my big application in to CIIS (my grad school of choice), so now everything is out of my hands and I just have to breathe, wait and be patient to see how things turn out. But for now, I'll work on my last semester, and spend some good time discussing dreams with my buddy Sigmund.


Hahahahahahahaha psychology humor.

Life is good.


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