Monday, June 7, 2010

Days of Summer

So summer break is finally here. That pretty much sums a lot of everything up.

I don't feel quite free. Work holds me down. But I have to say that when I'm not at work, I've been enjoying the warm weather and good company.

But for the most part I've been trying to enjoy my time away from academia. Although thats about to end too as I will soon be starting my summer school course which begins at 7:30 am. Thats gonne be fun. But for some reason Im not dreading it too much.

Anyway, I bought this really cool necklace over the weekend when I went out and about with Sean.


Ignore my gigantic mole :(

I have a ton of jewlery with birds and clocks. And this one is both!!! I really like it, kind of reminds me a bit of art deco 1920's. By the way, thats a real clock too, it ticks and has the real time.

So anyway, while Im at work (bored) I sometimes browse the New York Times for their art reviews. Recently I read a review on an artist named Henry Darger. His art is controversial yet whimsical and in my opinion quite stunning. He makes the kind of art that you can look at multiple times and discover new things about his pieces each time. Here's just a few:







There's a few different ideas about what he was trying to convey through his art, and some of it can be pretty brutal. I feel like art should provoke you in some way, if it doesn't, well then its just not art.

I've become very pretentious. Just a warning.

So this is what has been in my playlist as of late

Sleigh Bells



Flying Lotus

HEALTH- USA Boys (really NSFW, there's some sexy time in it)

More to come.

Ta ta for now


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