Monday, June 28, 2010

Days of Summer (On and On...)

Summer goes and goes and goes.

These last few days have been quite nice. For once I have had three consecutive days off work and I've been able to enjoy myself completely.

On Saturday, my friend Alexander and I found a nice shady area in a park to go and do some art work, it was really nice! We played the scribble game, where one person would draw a random shape, or scribble, and the other person would have to turn it into a picture of something, and then we'd switch off. It's not as easy as it sounds. Here are some crappy scans:



I wish they were bigger but Im too lazy to resize them on photobucket myself. But anyway, the game becomes more complicated as you go on, because the 'scribbles' become more difficult. I have to say I believe Alexander was a bit more creative at it than I was.

One thing that Im happy about for this summer is that I actually feel more motivated to be creative and stuff. Which is a good thing. Here's something I did a while ago for those of you who never saw it:
Im working on another owl as a gift for a friend, I'll upload pictures of it once I give it to her.


today I went to the beach with my mom and three nephews and we made sand candles, it was pretty fun.
Thats Kai, burried in the sand.

That's how my candle came out. I know it looks like a weird cookie thing, but it actually came out pretty cute for a first try. I even gave three legs so it stands up on its own.

I also go sunburned on ONE arm. It's pretty crispy. So far I've just been drenching it in aloe vera.

I don't do well in the heat, Pippin and I can agree on that
Poor baby looks like road kill!

Anyway, so I know I posted this video on my facebook not too long ago but I think it is absolutely beautiful

Black on white,
sharp images,
so surreal,
rhinocerous beetle

Oh Interpol, Im ready to be amazed.

It kind of reminds me of Bjork's 'All Is Full of Love' music video. Being able to make a comparison between the two is a very, very good thing.

More soon.



  1. What an interesting blog, i guess it represents its creator huh? :P
    I really REALLY like that painting of the owl, I actually had an "abstract animals" project too one time and ended up with some funky animal drawings. Maybe I can show you

  2. oh and what's your fav interpol song? I love Pioneer To The Falls. its so romantic in a way.

  3. thanks, how did you find my blog by the way?

    Id have to say Stella Was a Diver and Shes Always Down. The first album is the best in my opinion.