Monday, June 21, 2010

Put the Pen to the Paper

So one of my favorite things about summer is garage sales. They're so much fun. I went this last weekend and had a really great time.

Got this guy for 50 cents

and I also go this awesome leather purse

here's a close up of the other side, it has an Aztec calendar!

I've been wanting a purse like that for so long! Ive seen them at vintage stores for $30 and up and I got this gorgeous thing for 2 dollars! Its all leather and hecho in Mexico, baby!

So anyway...

I feel lame because I never have any time anymore to do the things I enjoy. But regardless of that, Ive been trying to explore my creativity and how I express myself artistically. Last week while hanging out with my friend Alexander, I did some free minded drawing where I just put onto paper whatever my mind came up with. Last week I also began my English summer course and we do a lot of work with poetry. So I guess I kind of combined the two and am writing streams of consciousness (or maybe subconscious) in my journal instead of writing structured retellings of my day. Here's a few, if you can read them anyway.


There's always more to say on a bad day I suppose.

I tore those out from my journal. You people got to read some of my journal. How does that make you feel? You all probably think Im just an emo bitch, but I thought it was quite liberating to do.

I used my parents new scanner to upload those, now that they have a nice one I can upload my art more easily, ha!

More tasty things coming soon.


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