Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ah, Life

So I've neglected you all terribly.

But honestly its been from a combination of things such as way too much work and what not, Ive hardly had any time to breathe. Also I've been really moody and reclusive...which I guess isn't anything new but I could technically use it as an excuse. I dunno. I dont even think Dr. Phil would know.


But in better news, we finally got internetz here at my apartamento so this will make the blogging more convinient! Yay! Plus I'll get to waste more of my life away on the computer. Double yay!

So what have I been up to? Uhh well mostly just being crabby about all the shit I have to take care of. So here's a list of what I've been doing:

1. Laughing like an idiot at videos like this (thanks to the boyfriend for this gem). And its not that it makes me an idiot to find this funny because I think it is, but its just I could replay that shit over and over again. Oh Caitlin.

I guess I need to put a banging donk on it.

2. Learning a ton about this guy
Oh come on, you know who that is! Its Rollo May! *coughpsychologynerdismecough*

3. Eating a lot of noodles and with my hair being its longest in quite a while I've realized that I need to get me one of these
Nothing ruins the experience of eating really good spaghetti like a mouthfull of your own hair.

4. Thinking about how cool owls are and being angry that I still havent seen that damn owl movie.



I'd like to think I look like ponderous owl when Im pondering.

5. Listening to really chill music

(I don't know whats up with the image they used here)

What? Are you getting mad because none of those are actual music videos? Well suck it, this is my blog.

Oh by the way, the King Night album by Salem is sooo good, I almost cried the first time I heard the whole album through. Oh fine, heres a real music video. If watching this makes you feel kind of grimy and uncomfortable, you aren't alone.

6. Trying to draw but I keep gettings distracted with other shit

7. Trying to avoid thinking about the fact that Halloween is coming up and I have yet to make any plans. Maybe I should be a gypsy chola like this chick
I dont understand any of that picture or why people do the things they do...but okay.

Ughhh Im in bed right now and I just want to stay snuggled up. Poor moody me, I need a hug


Oh yeah and I have work in like 2 hours. So not in the mood to be a copy cat today. Especially after being scolded last week after leaving early and supposedly leaving an unfinished job even though I left explicit instructions on what to do. Whatever, thats all I have to say about that otherwise I'll go on for another 3 paragraphs.



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