Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams My Friend

Hope you all enjoy the new layout. Since the blog is now only mine, I felt like I was well overdue for a change. I suppose the official title is now Things I Like. Fitting, given that I always post things I like. It also reminds me of this scene in "The Fall", one of my favorite movies.

Oh Lee Pace, you sexy man. What I'd give for a piece of that...

Anyway, last night I cut my bangs because I was having difficulties seeing. Sooo I decided to do them a little different and go for a little bit of a subdued Betty Paige look. A little longer in the middle and shorter on the sides.


I just realized they totally dont look even in that picture...but they are in real life I swear! Yeah, and you guys only get to see half of my mug today because my face was just not cooperating in being photogenic today. So suck it.

So in my English class we read this novel called 'The Bridge of San Luis Rey' for which we had to do presentations on based on a specific chapter. Today I had a consultation with my teacher about revising one of my essays and he made the suggestion that I make an art piece. This is what I cranked out. Its water color and colored pencils.


The novel is about this bridge in Peru that suddenly collapses, and the five people crossing this bridge all fall to their deaths. A monk, Brother Juniper, happens to witness this event and wonders why those particular individuals died that day, whether it was by accident or by some work of fate. Each chapter is a look into the lives of each person, and poses big questions about fate and destiny. Really interesting story.

So I'll be heading to LA again in about 2 weeks to visit my buddy Jenna. I miss her!


This was when we were webcamming at the dorms, she was upstairs and I was downstairs. We're such big nerds.

I also made a cosmic owl for her that she just recieved via mail today.

Lately I've really been listening to the band HEALTH a lot. About a week ago, I found this video of them playing a song that's apparently new. It's slower but still them. Also, it wasn't until listening to them live that I was able to better hear the lead singer's voice with more clarity. I think he's pretty good.

Radio K Live at the 7th St. Entry: HEALTH - "Drugs Beach" from Radio K on Vimeo.


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