Monday, July 12, 2010

Salvation Outfitters

So today I struck gold at the Salvation Army in San Rafael.


I dont know what the hell is up with my camera taking blurry pictures lately. Piece of shit.


So I know I swore to God Almighty that I'd never buy anything from Abercrombie and Fitch, but this jacket is really nice AND its not like I actually went into an A&F store. Its completely lined on the inside, almost 100% wool and will be great for when the cold weather sets in. Considering A&F is pretty expensive, I think I got a great find today at only $20.

So in less affordable news....

Last week when I went to San Fran I went into Urban Outfitters to throw some money around on expensive hipster clothes, I got this outfit:


No, thats not my room. My room has been such a wreck for the past few weeks that I was too embarassed to take a picture in it. And yes, even though our office room is messy its better than my room.

So yeah, got some high water dark wash skinnies. Been wanting those FOREVER! And then a cream colored sweater with bees on the print. Here's a close up of my boob to show you.


OnE for the boys hahahahahaha. Not really.

So yeah enough clothes. Lately I've been bumpin this in my car on my way to work. Next time Im at a music store I hope to get the whole album on Vinyl, if its available anyway.

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