Thursday, July 29, 2010

SFO to LAX, Baby!

So basically right now Im up at a hotel in South San Francisco. Tomorrow afternoon my flight is scheduled to take me to Los Angeles. Work is over for now, school is over for now, and Im ready to have some good times with my buddy Jenna!

School ended last week, which is pretty awesome. I was getting sick of having to write essays every week. It was close to no fun whatsoever. But anyway, my mom and I celebrated the old fashioned way with margaritas and...mustaches????


So I guess I was Salvador Dali/Frida Kahlo and my mom was Emiliano Zapata/Pancho Villa???

It was good times until Office Depot called and said some asshole regular customer went psycho in the copy center and I had to come in early to do damage control. Then he didn't even come pick up his shit the next day!! Ugh...But thats all in the past, and Im headed for good times, so no worries!

Anyway, here's something cool I found recently. An artist/interior designer built an 'invisible' tree house in a forrest in Sweeden. Its super cool! At first he had some issues with getting some approval because officials thought it would be a harm to the environment, and birds could hurt themselves by flying into it. But he developed a mesh protective shield for the birds, and the tree house is almost 100% eco friendly.
Super cool.


Heres a pic of the inside

Man, what Id give to check that out for myself! Its gorgeous, a real piece of art.

Here's another cool thing I found in the news recently,

So a collector went to a yard sale a few years ago and bought a set of glass negatives from some old photographs. After barganing down the price down to $45 for the whole set, said collector heard an off hand comment that these negatives look similar to those photographs taken by famed American photographer, Ansel Adams.
So, this gentleman took his collection to some experts, and the confirmed that the negatives were indeed missing Ansel Adams originals, and that $45 dollar find turned out to be worth 200 million dollars!

However, what I found to be the best part of the article was that this garage sale that the negatives were found at was in FRESNO, CALIFORNIA. As many of you know, I have lots of family in Fresno, and I have a few relatives who love going to yard sales and finding goodies, myself included. THAT COULDA BEEN US!!!

Anyway, I better get going. I had a long day today getting ready for my trip, and I also went to an open house for a grad school Im thinking about going to after SSU. Its located in San Francisco and called CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies). Its a pretty groovy place, maybe I'll be there in just over a year ^_^

Wish me luck on my flight tomorrow!


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